by Reverend Misa

Last night, we offered a Valentine Ceremony for Attracting Your Partner. Certainly, many of us long to have a partner in our lives who respects, loves and supports us.

I am fortunate. Some years ago, I met a man who fully supports me in my work here on earth, loves me for who I am, and respects what I am here to bring to the world. What I didn’t know when I met him was how integral he would become to the fulfillment of my life’s work. I was so used to creating without a partner, I had know idea how wonderful it would be to have someone who actually physically assists me.

As we prepared for last night’s guided meditation, I wondered what I had done to attract someone who is so dedicated to me and the success of my dream. Then I realized that just weeks before I met the man who became my husband, Ariann Thomas had taken me through this same guided meditation.

steinmann-947882_640As she led me into the meditation, she did not take me into a million details of what the perfect man was supposed to be. She took me into the feeling and awareness of my own sacred masculine self, where I bonded with that aspect of myself with love and appreciation. The prayer was in the feeling and the sacred space we created together. Of course, the man who showed up is a man who offered his full support because I fully support my purpose for being here. Jeffrey was perfect because he was the closest match to my own sacred masculine self.

This type of meditation I understand is done in some Tantric practices and it also the second step in the Creation Meditation. Click here to read more about it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all enjoy the blessings of a partner who loves us and fully supports our purpose?