Misa’s Global Service

Ceremonies and Retreats

Misa facilitates global monthly Women’s Full Moon Water tele-ceremonies—centered on an ancient womb-shaped ceremonial bowl of which she has been entrusted stewardship. In these ceremonies, women return to the watery wombs of their own recreation, while also blessing the water of the earth. In blessing the water, all life on Mother Earth is being healed and restored. For those who are called, she also apprentices Keepers to facilitate these ceremonies physically in their communities.

While the ceremonies are still reserved for women, men are now able to access the Sacred Feminine teachings and practices, such as the Holding guided meditation for personal and/or planetary healing and awakening, the Creation Meditation to stimulate the sacred dance of the Feminine and Masculine within, and the Four Prescriptions for deeper release and recreation, including the journeys into the Prescriptions. These ancient practices give both men and women opportunities to experience the Sacred Feminine nature within themselves. Upon request, she facilitates private counseling and vision quests for individuals so they may deepen their relationship with the Creator and Mother Earth, as well as open to greater Divine guidance for their purpose. In Misa’s ceremonies, retreats, and quests, participants discover how to become the space in which love can have its way with them. People tend to feel profoundly seen, heard and loved when they spend time with her.

New Dream Foundation and Sacred Feminine Awakening

misa-jeff-ariann-crop@400wAs a vehicle to deliver her work in the Sacred Feminine to the world, Misa co-founded the New Dream Foundation (the non-profit sponsor of Sacred Feminine Awakening) with her dear friend, sister, and elder, Ariann Thomas, and Misa’s beloved husband, Jeff Burger.

At this auspicious time in history when the Sacred Feminine is rising in order to restore energetic balance on the planet, the board of directors is dedicated to supporting the awakening the Sacred Feminine within us. When these two energies are honored, all of humanity experiences the absolute love and creative power of balanced Feminine and Masculine consciousness.

Since the formation of the non-profit, Misa’s wisdom has touched thousands of lives around the globe, bringing hope and peace where it is needed. She is also a champion of interfaith dialog and helping people recognize the Sacred Feminine in all spiritual paths.


New Dream Foundation is dedicated to the care of our Mother Earth. Acknowledging the negative effects on the Mother that are caused by travelling to and from events, New Dream contributes to organizations that are planting trees to further the sustainability of Mother Earth. The foundation also frequently provides generous scholarships for participation in apprenticeship, events and retreats with Misa.

Helping Those in Need

In Misa’s earlier life as a business professional, she created multiple programs to help people in greatest need including: 1) an award winning awareness campaign for the Humane Society, 2) first-of-a-kind regional conferences with educators, business leaders, social services agencies, and politicians to create plans for helping youth prepare to enter the workforce, and 3) a nationally recognized corrections program that significantly reduced recidivism for women released from prison. That program continues to this day. Now, in spiritual practice, Misa serves people around the world in deepening their self-awareness and compassion for their ultimate freedom—the freedom of the soul.

Self-Healing Support

While Misa has helped many individuals heal chronic conditions through her Holding and sacred sounds, she takes great pleasure in teaching people how to access healing within themselves, so they are always personally empowered. As a clairvoyant and teacher, she supports people in their self-healing through her bestselling book “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything” and her website MisaHopkins.com. Misa and her husband, Jeff, co-author their popular Prescriptions from Heaven, free daily inspirational e-cards for creating heaven on earth.