Awaken and Heal in the Sacred Feminine

Heal and manifest with this proven ancient Holding Guided Meditation and Women’s Ceremony

Receive the Sacred Feminine audio meditation that is transforming lives, plus invitations to Women’s Full Moon ceremonies and other experiences in the Divine Feminine, and Misa’s popular Prescriptions From Heaven daily inspirational ecards.

Step into the essence of the Sacred Feminine.

“Rest and be Held in the life-giving, all-accepting love of the dark, primordial womb of creation. In the profound compassion of this love, emerge reborn into the light of who you are.” —Mother Misa

Whatever you call it — Sacred Feminine, Divine Feminine, Goddess, Magdalene energy, Yin — this sacred wisdom calls us into our limitless potential as loving, intuitive, creative beings.

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Prayer-of-the-WeekTo help you in your sacred journey, we offer a prayer selected especially for this week.

You may also search our archives for a prayer appropriate to what you are needing right now.

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