This ancient, Native meditation helps you shed your limited body so that you may become your limitless self. Now after a hundred years of sleep, it is being awakened again to be shared with women and men all over the world—including, and especially—you!

The meditation is natural to us because it takes us into the sacred womb from which all life has come, where we are held in infinite compassion.

Bring to it your sorrow, anger or confusion. Bring to it the beliefs that limit you. And discover Divine peace, comfort and clarity.

man-481796_640The women and men who regularly do this Creation Meditation are discovering that their lives are changing—almost overnight.  Issues they had struggled with since childhood, began dissolving, and blessed peace became more and more present in their daily lives.

In the old days, first step of the meditation was learned at the time a girl began her menses.  It was part of her initiation into the mystical world of womanhood. The second was learned when she was ready to attract her partner, and the third was learned when a woman’s menses was complete.

Today, this meditation can be done by both men and women. 

You may learn the steps as they call to you. Feel free to go slowly, experiencing one step for many months, or even years. If you wish, it can become a beautiful and daily part of your mystical journey.


The Creation Meditation

Step 1—The Holding: Gently Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs
Particularly helpful for people that are empathic

Find a quiet moment.  Turn off the phone, the TV, the stereo, and commit to not answering the door.  This your time. Your sacred time. Tell the children, your spouse,  your roommate to leave you undisturbed for a while.  You have sacred work to do. You might want to light a candle or place a bowl of water near you, but most of all, what you need most is your solitude.

Breathe gently and sweetly, accepting the nourishment of the air, the day, spirit, whatever fills you with peace.  Then focus on your physical or energetic womb.  Allow all your attention to connect to this womb within you.  Feel/know/sense/see/hear its darkness, its vastness, its sacred nature, and its ability to hold all possibilities in love and compassion.

ripples-640872_640Allow your awareness (do not force this, but rather allow) to bring you something you feel limited about.  Perhaps it is a fear you have, a concern or doubt, or a feeling that is uncomfortable for you. This is your current “I am” state, such as “I am sad, “I am joyful,” or I am “numb.” Hold that feeling in the sacredness of your womb. Do not try to fix or change it, for that would dishonor the wisdom that lives within the feeling and its inherent limits. Simply be with the feeling. As you hold it, feel your compassion swell within you, just as you would feel compassion for a child. Simply be in compassion. Do nothing, except BE with it.

It will, in its own time, transform into a greater state of freedom. It might transform the first time you hold the feeling in this way.  It might take several or many times, but it will transform—on its own—in the presence of your compassion. It will emerge into a new “I am.”

Approach it in this way:
Your womb and the primordial sacred womb of life are one. Go to your womb and there see/sense the belief that limits you.  Hold it, forgive it, love it within your womb so that it can die a peaceful death.

You might sense, see, hear, or know that new “I am” as a symbol, visualization, feeling, sound, word, or sense. Allow this awareness to come from deep within you, rather than from your rational mind. Even if the “I am” does not make logical sense, it will make sense to your soul and that is where true self-awareness resides.


Step 2—The Oneness of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Welcoming Your New Creation

In the next step, you open your nature to your sacred masculine or feminine self (whichever most needs to be fostered in you). In order to expand your spiritual field, you are going to welcome and lovingly bond with a part of yourself that helps you experience more wholeness.

It is important that you do not try to “figure this out.”  The entire meditation process is profoundly effective because it relies on intuitive wisdom as it emerges from the subconscious rather than what you “think” anything should be.

star-939235_640You may experience the integration as an energetic cohesion of the two parts within each chakra.  You may feel that part simply step into your skin. You may feel it slip into your awareness as it slowly merges with you, up or down your spine. You might sense that the light of the Sacred Masculine emerges from the dark womb of the Sacred Feminine. How it merges with you is not as significant as your willingness to allow this part of yourself to more fully integrate into your spiritual consciousness. Hold the intention of merger and welcoming energy until you feel your energetic body’s full acceptance. When the merger is complete, you will feel as though something is complete that was not before.

Over time, you may find this merger takes place more and more quickly.  You may also find the nature of the merger changes over time from one archetypal aspect of yourself to another. Once the integration has taken place, affirm your oneness.  Affirm your intention of oneness and hold a welcoming energy of oneness until you feel your energetic body’s acceptance and a clear sense of completion with that intention.

Then consider your “I am” from Step 1, and welcome the life force of its limitless aspect or nature, in the same way parents would welcome a pregnancy.  You don’t have to define it or give it a name.  All you have to request is the limitless perspective that is right for you.  If you received a name or identity of something new at the end of  Step 1, then you may certainly focus on that aspect, holding it in the love of the bonded masculine and feminine self.  Again hold it in love and compassion, allowing it to transform into its next level of becoming. A new “I am” may emerge or you may find the new “I am” from the first step remains with you.


Step 3 —Re-Birthing Yourself

In this last step, you open to space in which your life force re-creates itself. Allow yourself to consider your “I am” from Step 2 like a seed or sphere of light. You do not need to be able to feel it in order to sense it. Allow this seed or sphere to begin a journey with you at the top of your head. In the old days, they were aware of the energy centers of the body, but I don’t know what they called them. For our purposes, we will refer to them as chakras.

Allow the top of your head (crown chakra) to open in welcoming love to the seed or sphere. All chakras have their own unique vibration of love, so in this step allow yourself to become attuned to their loving vibrations.

chakras-310119_640Slowly invite the sphere/seed to be lovingly received by each of the energy bodies as it makes its way down through the charkras: 1) crown, 2) third eye, 3) throat, 4) heart, 5) solar plexus, 6) digestive area and last, the root chakra at the tail bone and reproductive center.

Take your time with this, for the seed may need to gestate in each chakra for minutes or days. When it has reached the root chakra and is ready to give birth, it will emerge from your energetic vagina and become the life force of you born anew. Notice if a new “I am” comes to you.

You might want to bring a symbol of this new “I am” to your altar to help you remember to honor this new or renewed nature of your self-awareness.