Lost Wisdom in the Sacred Feminine Revealed in an Ancient Guided Meditation

We discovered there is something in Sacred Feminine wisdom that helps us release damaging perceptions and behaviors, and become naturally inspired to live our true potential.

In this video, you’ll discover two powerful ways you can use The Holding guided meditation to:

1) Release pain and fear
2) Manifest your deepest desires and dreams

Mother Misa gives you insights about how and why Holding creates such profound changes in people’s lives. And she’ll guide you through the Holding Meditation itself.

Message from Mother Misa

I had spent my life learning how to influence behavior, but had no idea that the most important influence I needed was actually based in Sacred Feminine consciousness.

Somehow helping others change their behaviors seemed like a worthy answer to all the problems I saw in the world. If I could teach and influence children, and later adults, to make better decisions, perhaps we would enjoy greater harmony with each other and the planet.

My very first career was as a Special Education teacher. I loved my work and I loved my kids. I was very happy, knowing that the education and influence I offered could make a profound difference in the lives of children and their families.

Because their success meant so much to me, I quickly realized that giving them what they needed to become fulfilled required more than knowing how to inspire and influence them. I also needed to discover who they were and what was important to them. I needed to know what motivated them naturally.

I’m pleased to say that my kids soared, perhaps for more than any reason, because I made sure they knew they were seen and accepted for who they were. I saw the best in them; and therefore, I expected them to live their best.

Throughout my life this basic lesson has shown up repeatedly—We most easily change and grow when we are first accepted and loved as we are.

There is a magic in that kind of love. Difficult emotions and doubts dissolve; happier emotions and trust expand.

Discovering The Holding

holding gudied meditation, love, compassion, empathy, Sacred FeminineAs if to punctuate this lesson in my life, many years ago, I was gifted an ancient ceremonial bowl. I estimate it is somewhere between 1,000-2,000 years old.

With that bowl came ceremonies, meditations, songs and journeys that women created to “shed the limited body to become the limitless self.” The ancestors of this tradition on the other side of the veil, we refer to as the Grandmothers, began teaching me in my dreams, visions and meditations.

What I learned and have passed on to thousands of people around the world…

The ancestors taught me to Hold. This is the practice of loving yourself as you are. As you master self-love, you then open your heart in service to other people, holding them in love in their suchness. The same can be done for animals, the planet, organizations, and any living being that allows themselves to Held by you.

Thousands of people have now become acquainted with this concept of Holding, and what we have discovered is that when we are Held in all-accepting love, we are trusting that we were perfectly made. As we enter into that state of love and remember that we are love, we tend to make better decisions for ourselves and everyone affected by our decisions.

Problems, concerns, fears, regrets, resentments, doubts, and emotional and physical pain are taken into this sacred space so that they can die gentle, natural deaths. We do not try to change these feelings. We accept them as they are in love, as part of our journey as human beings. As the fear is accepted in love the fear dissolves.

Then we easily we see what we need to do next. We are naturally inspired to live at our best, as we see and feel the change in perception that allows us to live more freely.

Imagine a Life in Which Everything You Experienced Was Held in Love

empathy, compassion, loveImagine with me a world where every human being was Held in profound love whenever they were feeling pain, stress, or fear. There is no problem too big for love’s caress.

Then imagine Holding your dreams and visions until they easily and beautifully become your reality.

Everything and every emotion is met with love. We emulate the very nature and energy of Holding that we experience in space—the great primordial womb from which all live and all potential for life is born.

Here, you can learn more about some of the miracles people have experienced using this beautiful guided meditation.

Ancient Wisdom for Healing and Manifesting in Today’s World

In the vast consciousness of space, or the primordial womb, all life and all potential for life is Held in love.

This ancient wisdom has been buried deeply in our subconscious minds and has not been as highly valued in our age of achievement, and yet it is this soothing, compassionate energy that brings balance to our lives.

This awareness is coming to life in every sector of humanity because we need to know that we are loved for who we are, as well as for what we accomplish.

This is the gift of Sacred Feminine energy, or yin energy, as the Chinese named it over 32,000 years ago. Holding is the essence of Sacred Feminine consciousness and it is the energy we need right now to restore peace, tranquility, and happiness in our lives personally and planetarily.

For many of us, the first time we Held, we immediately felt like we went home to a place we belonged. It is sweet and freeing. And it is a muscle that needs to be developed. It takes practice to become skilled in it, so we provide many ways for you to develop your capacity to be limitless love.

Get the most out of Holding…

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Most of all, enjoy the gentle sweet releases you experience with Holding and the beautiful awakening of your soul that occurs as you get to know yourself in all-accepting love.