We had no idea a simple Sacred Feminine-based meditation could create miracles.

Thoughts from Reverend Misa

As I introduced The Holding guided meditation to some of the people I love, I thought it was a simple Sacred Feminine meditation for creating greater peace in your life. I had no idea it could also release us from depression or chronic conditions. Before I share with you the kind of results we are seeing,  it could be helpful to know that The Holding can indeed simply make life more enjoyable and easier. This is especially true if you are highly sensitive or empathic. And it is also very helpful if you are a partner to someone or a parent.

The meditation makes it easier to support someone you love without becoming caught up in their choices and decisions.

This Holding guided meditation helps highly sensitive and empathic people help themselves and others.

When you are highly sensitive it can be difficult to know whether the emotions or even physical sensations you are experiencing originated with you or someone else. In this practice of Sacred Feminine Holding, you quickly discover that painful emotions and physical sensations are universal. Therefore, as you Hold the discomfort in love, regardless of the source of the pain, it dissipates.

It helps parents

Parents discover that they finally have a way to support their maturing children without getting overly involved in their lives.

When a parent is concerned about the decisions their child is making, they can create a sacred space for greater clarity by: 1) Holding their own feelings as a parent so that their emotions relax and allow space for greater insights, and 2) if their child grants permission spiritually (and they typically do), a parent Holds their child in love, so that the child remembers they are love and makes choices that naturally reflect that awareness.

It helps partners

compassion, empathyPartners find that they feel greater peace, and less helplessness, when they can support their partner through Holding. It is a beautiful way to offer support without trying to tell your partner what to do. It is also a marvelous way to offer support without attempting to “fix” someone else’s problems.

As you Hold, you affirm your confidence in your partner, and their unique relationship with the Divine, all of which is conveyed energetically to the person you love. It creates a wonderful, supportive environment for natural change and creativity, as the person is empowered through your Holding.

By Holding in this way, you do not become overly involved in influencing another person’s choices. Rather, you hold them in love with trust that as they feel that love, and remember they are love, they naturally make better choices. In this way, you honor the people in your life as being emanations of Divine consciousness, just like you, and you are able to trust in the workings of the Divine.

Results with The Holding

2650393_s1. One of my client’s held her husband’s intention to have a more satisfying job, and in one week created three new career opportunities for him.

2. I used this same meditation to heal cancer cells I found in my body during meditation, and that awareness was then confirmed in a dream. Every day for over a month, I Held that part of my body and emotions as I was watched layers of present day resentments and past life memories emerge and dissolve, until eventually another dream confirmed that the cancer was gone.

3. A friend and colleague of mine used The Holding to heal her chronic, genetic depression. She had been depressed for 15 years. For three months, she did the Holding meditation every day, and one day she said, “I watched the dark cloud leave and it has never come back.” That was over three years ago.

When can you expect to see results?

While I have sometimes seen an issue resolved in one Holding meditation, most results take time. I’ve Held issues that I’ve had most of my life, and when the Holding was complete, I couldn’t even remember the issue. That’s how removed it was from my consciousness. Those kind of results typically take 30-90 days of Holding every day. So it is best applied as a regular practice.

Go here to see a written version of the The Holding guided meditation in the Sacred Feminine.

Eventually, Holding becomes so natural that it is an automatic response to difficult or stressful thoughts and feelings. Imagine with me a world where our response to tension and stress is compassion.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that this ancient practice is as valid today as it was hundreds of years ago when it was created? It truly speaks to the energetic core of feminine wisdom. Here you can learn more about the origins and discovery of The Holding.

May you enjoy greater peace and joy in your life, and I’m greatly delighted if the Holding helps you create such a beautiful life!

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