by Reverend Misa

I was petrified when the day came for my first quest. But it proved to be one of the most powerful moments of my life. I was scared because I was afraid I would fail myself – my own expectations of me. Vision quest allowed me to meet me right where I felt the most limited and constrained, and discover freedom.

In an age when we expect life to be easy and discredit anything difficult as not being the right path, we miss something really significant in our spiritual evolution. We ignore our fears and in doing so our fears run our lives.

The Mystery does not so easily reveal her secrets. They come when our fears have been met and released, and our minds are sufficiently open enough to experience her wonder.

peaceful-442070_640Each person’s experience with a quest is uniquely their own. Each person has a challenge that can be squarely faced in a quest and that challenge lies within themselves. When you constrain your space and eliminate interaction with other people or the outside world, the limit serves you because there is nowhere to go but inside yourself.

Each vision quest I have done has caused me to face, discover, and claim myself–and my unique place in the mystery of creation.

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Whether I was sitting inside a sacred circle under the stars, praying during a 24-hour sweat lodge, or being in a ritual burial, each quest gave me an opportunity to see my true self and thus create a space for Divine Mysteries to reveal themselves to me through the Mother Earth and her children or through inner mystical revelation. Ancient secret wisdom is revealed when one is worthy and truly ready to know.