Healing the Emotional Need to Be Remembered

Begin creating your legacy now for the 10th Emotional Need of the Soul—to Be Remembered.

The last of the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul

My husband and I saw the Disney movie, Coco, last weekend. We both laughed and cried. We are in many ways, still kids inside. (Don’t worry, there is no need for a spoiler alert with what I’m about to share.) 😉

Many themes in this movie touched, but perhaps what affected me most was how beautifully it told the story about the importance of being remembered after we have crossed over to the other side.

Being remembered by those you love is the last and 10th Emotional Need of the Soul, as given to me by my ancestors.

I used to believe that our memorial services and tributes to those who have crossed over was really only for those of us who remained living here on earth. But I have discovered…

Being remembered is important for those who cross over.

emotional needsLoved ones long to know what difference they have made during their lives here on earth.

Therefore the kind words we say about our loved ones after they die, and the warm and memorable stories we share, matter to them.

Of course, each life has its lessons. Some of us learn them well. Others of us struggle to learn. But inside each person lives a warm beating heart, and every person brings qualities with them. Most people have done something good in their lives worth noting.

Plus there is a benefit for us when we remember those who have crossed over, kindly. Our own legacies live on in the people we have loved. So remembering the positive gifts of those who have crossed over, reminds us to love well while we are here.

On the other side, our guides care about how much we loved while we were living our lives.

When we cross over, our guides and soul-family members waiting for us are interested in one thing—how well we have loved.

They don’t care about what we did, as in how much money we made, the trips we took or the jobs we held. They aren’t interested in the details of living our lives. Rather, they want to know…

Did we love enough to make a difference in someone’s life?

Most of us want to love that much!

If you want to know you will be remembered, the formula is simple.

Love and serve.

One of the ways you serve, is to honor with love the lives of those who have left.

Though we miss seeing our loved ones here on earth after they have crossed over, our relationships with them live on. Our souls continue to travel and meet each other as we move through dimensions.

When relationships with our family members have been difficult, if we look deeply enough, we will find the heart of wounded child inside them—a child who was looking for love.

 emotional healing

One of the greatest acts of kindness we can offer when someone dies is to remember their good qualities, and send them on with love for their next part of their journey.

So here’s what it all comes down to. If we wish to be remembered well and leave our legacies, then there are two things for us to do now:

  1. Remember the lives of others with compassion and love.
  2. Love and serve the people that come into our lives.

As we focus on these to acts of love, we bring honor to our legacy and the legacies of others.

If you’d like to add your thoughts and comments about the Need to Be Remembered, or if there is someone whose life you would like to honor, you can do so here.