It used to catch me off guard. A vision or dream would show me a next step or some aspect of my future. I would get so excited in anticipation of what was to come and then…

… things seemed to fall apart, as though suddenly the Universe was shaking its head.

I used to think that something was wrong with me.

Thankfully, with the help of one of my elders, I came to understand that before the joys of transformation can take hold, something has to happen first.

Letting go and the chaos that comes with it

spiritual transformation

To emerge into who we truly are, we must first let go of who we think we are.

If we want the Divine to express through us, then anything that would encumber our complete experience of Divine presence…

 … well, we get an opportunity to let it go.

In simple language, some part of us must die in order to truly live.

This concept isn’t new. It’s been going on since the beginning of creation.

But, if you believe that everything running smoothly is the sign that you have Divine approval, you can easily become confused and think you are off course.

In reality, any chaos or discomfort is bringing to the surface anything you need to let go of in order to fulfill Divine intention through you.

Holding on is believing there is only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future. —Daphne Rose Kingman

What happened to me

This happened to me recently. I had opened up completely to the Divine, offering my unrestricted service to humanity and the planet.

In response, I was called into a profound space of service in the spiritual realms for the better part of a night.

The next morning, I received a download of energy, similar to a bolt of lightning running through me.

It took a few days to receive the full transmission, which included some specific service in the world.

I was in a blissful state for days as I remained present to the ecstatic energy running through me.

Later, I understood this energy had been building up for nearly a month. But the peak experience helped me understand just how important this sacred work could be.

I said, “Yes,” to the sacred work and began to share it with my team.

What I neglected to consider

What I neglected to pay attention to was that this visionary information sounded like a complete diversion from the work we had been doing.

Some of my team members were frustrated and confused by my seemingly sudden shift in direction, and my accompanying shift in demeanor.

That shift created some uncomfortable chaos.

But in order for any of us to transform, we must die to our previous definitions of ourselves. And for me, along with a new life—a death was taking place.

Obstacles, I learned from my elders, are simply reflections of our fears and resistance. They provide an opportunity to die to perceptions that are no longer needed.

There is no one to blame when this happens. There are simply fears to Hold in compassion until they die a natural death and new clarity arrives.

Out of the swamp of chaos

spiritual transformation

Fortunately, I have ancestors who helped me walk through my limiting beliefs, so that I could be fully present to the vision that was given to me.

And we all have ancestors who will help guide us in these moments of transformation, if we are willing to call upon them for help.

I also used the ancient practices I have learned for releasing resistance.

You can learn and apply them too in your own journey of transformation. They are available in my video program, SHE: Doorway to the Divine.

Now that the dust has settled and the fears are gone, I’m able to move forward with the joyful and practical steps of bringing a sacred vision to life.