Read Mary Magdalene’s timeless insights into healing
humankind’s greatest challenges.

In Misa’s fourth volume in the Sacred Feminine Awakening series, you discover Mary Magdalene’s advice for healing the soul of humanity to create the world we desire.

Mary Magdalene’s prescription and vision for healing humanity is as pertinent today as it was when she was walking the earth. Because this book is actually a letter Mary wrote to her students, you’ll get glimpses into her life with Jesus—the nature of their relationship, a clue about whether they had a family, how Jesus was able to rise from the dead, the true meaning of “The Good News”, Jesus’ views about conversion, and much more.

As with all the books in the series, Misa also interweaves Mary’s teachings with her Native ancestors’ practice of Holding in the Sacred Feminine womb of creation, which gives you a context for integrating Mary’s wisdom into your daily life.

Misa covers Holding in a Native way in depth in the very first book in the Sacred Feminine Awakening series, The Emergence of Compassion. The following three books feature Mary Magdalene’s profound wisdom as a healer. So consider getting all four books if you want to start at the beginning.

I have never been so moved. I keep weeping as I read this. I spent four nights in Costa Rica working directly with God and your message is the very same. I recognized your presentation of the truth before but now I KNOW the information is true and brilliant. My understanding of what you have written is so intense that I have to read it in small chunks and then, re-read. This is glorious and so powerful.

Becky Prater

The times we are living in today are as turbulent as they are awakening. The divine feminine can no longer be silenced as it emerges from the shadows as a force to be heard. That voice, whose wisdom is embodied through Mary Magdalene, calls forth love, compassion and knowing God as the answer to the problems humanity is facing. Misa has brilliantly articulated this message and this book resonates palpably these truths…..a must read!

Dr. Tianna Conte

Best-selling author, "Author Love's Fire: Beyond Mortal Boundaries" and Founder, GPS Code

Misa Hopkins has captured with pristine clarity and unadulterated love the teachings of Mary Magdalene within the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom – the consciousness that is guiding the renewal of the Sacred Feminine Mystery Teachings at this time. Misa’s words ring with clarity and soul-deep truth. More than that, they are a pure embodiment of the Sacred Feminine teachings for our times.

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

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