The third of the 10 emotional needs of the soul for emotional healing is being held wonder!

Developmentally, a sense of wonder about life occurs for most of us between our birth and the age of three or four.

These are the investigative years, when everything you encounter is new and stimulating.  During these years you still have a profound connection to the Divine.

Between the ages of four to six that begins to change as you have less of a touchstone into the mystical realms because you are anchoring into your sense of self in a physical world. But for those few precious years between birth until ages three or four, your inner eyes, ears, and all of your inner senses are quite alive.

As a little one, you are typically very curious about your environment. When you are very little, you tend to put everything in your mouth. You taste life to know life. 🙂

The Grandmothers of the Sacred Path of the Feminine call this spiritual development stage the state of wonder, where we are in awe of our surroundings, as we navigate this new and unknown world.

10 Emotional Needs of the Soul

How you would be if your grew up where your sense of wonder was ignored or even punished…

When you are born into environments—through your karma, cultural beliefs, or parental woundedness—where parents or guardians are unable to be in this state of wonder with you, or even punish your explorations, you become afraid of life.

You tend to be afraid of the unknown and don’t take reasonable risks to fulfill your needs.

You look for risk-free systems outside of yourself to show you the way, because you don’t know how to navigate the unknown for yourself.

You are less likely to trust others and as a result feel safer withdrawing from people or trying to get control of others.

Your emotional healing relies on making peace with the part of you that wants and needs to feel a natural wonder and curiosity about life.

Your sense of wonder and curiosity is what helps to make the unknown feel safe enough to explore.

How you would be if your grew up where you were held in wonder…

In an ideal environment growing up, your parents would be in that state of wonder with you. They would be delighted by your discoveries, and encourage new (and safe) explorations.

As a result, you would move confidently in the world as you explored freely.

You would be willing to take reasonable risks in life because you would trust that the Divine has your back, so to speak.

The unknown would represents adventure, potential and possibility.

You trust and attract people who enter into this spirit of adventure with you.

You trust the Divine’s love for you enough to trust in an exploration of what you do not yet know.

You trust your relationship with the Divine is true, and that your intuition will take you directly to what you desire.

As you Hold yourself in a state of wonder for your emotional healing…

Pain turns into compassion, which turns into a deep feeling of forgiveness, which turns into peace, which turns into the wonder of happiness, ultimately leading you to bliss.

You can take yourself into a state of wonder through the Holding guided meditation in the Sacred Feminine energy of silence, available for free here at this website.

One of the greatest gifts of wonder is that it allows you to venture bravely into the “wonderful” world of the unknown.

May you discover and enjoy the wonder of your life!