The Creation Meditation we have introduced is so powerful, I thought you might appreciate these two beautiful stories from women who use the Creation Meditation as part of their practice.

Reweaving the Tapestry of Self and Universal Pain

I am very grateful for this extraordinary gift from the Grandmothers, guiding me and helping me to learn about the womb of creation that lives inside of me and is connected to the primordial source of all…..

In a recent morning meditation I was shown that although we think of our wounds as our own, as if personal, as if we are the creator and owner of our pain and suffering, while this may be true in one sense, in another we are each carrying aspects of the pain and suffering of the heart of the Divine. It is the Divine heart in each of us that seeks wholeness and renewal.

Each time I carry a wound or imbalance into my creation meditation, I am loving and healing an aspect of the Divine heart. As I hold the pain and discomfort and surround it with love and compassion, tears of grief begin to come. The grief is for the long-held separation of this aspect of me from the divine light of love. I find, almost without exception, that each aspect that I hold and cherish in this way releases a longing from within its own nature to return to divine light, to return to the oneness. As each desire for wholeness is fulfilled, the very fabric of my own being is rewoven into a new tapestry of my true self. —Susan Gold

Problems are Dissoved Rather Than Solved
While discussing the Creation Meditation with some women who have been practicing it for a little while I was trying to determine why this is such a wonderful practice. This meditation truly calls to me to bring my fears, resistance, issues and troubles into this process because it so quickly and easily resolves them. Then I had a flash of insight.

I have been meditating for almost 30 years. In all my other meditations when I had a problem or I was facing an issue I wanted to resolve, I would go into the meditation with the intention of asking for the solution to the problem. I would wait in the silence for a vision or guide to inform me or give me direction as to what Action to take.

In the Creation Meditation, I have no intention to resolve any issue or problem. There is no action to be taken. This is a totally feminine space where I hold the issue or problem in total compassion. I just hold the issue until the energy shifts. I don’t have to do anything except wait and hold space. It is such a profound place of peace. When the energy shifts, the meditation is done. I come out of it and my heart is lighter, my body feels relaxed and emotionally I am at peace. It is magnificent. —Ariann Thomas

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