More than once I have received insight about healing my body through my dreams and meditations. Some time ago I learned to ask my body what was going on with it and what it needed for healing. Then I got still, listened and watched.

The key to getting the response is in not forcing it or trying to listen, but rather in allowing the awareness to come on its own in its own time.

For example, I was going through a period of time when my intestines were bothering me, so in my morning meditation I asked my body what was going on. That night a had a dream about a large worm. The next morning, I called a holistic doctor and got started on some detoxing to expel worms from my body.

When my hormones were so far out of balance (as much testosterone as a boy in puberty), I began listening to urgings from my silent meditations to embrace yet more stillness and less activity in my life. In a process of getting quiet and listening deeply to my thoughts and feelings, I uncovered and healed the abuse that caused me to break-faith with being feminine. Along with talk therapy and good hormone therapy I finally brought my body into balance.

By truly listening, I have discovered, we can uncover the true core of our illnesses so that we can treat both the physical and emotional root cause.

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