With all the terrorism and genocide happening on the planet today do you wonder, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

A client once asked me, “Why do bad things happen?” “What does this say about our hopes for the future?” she wondered.

In light of the many acts of terrorism and genocide we are experiencing on the planet today, it can seem as though humanity is spiraling into a hopeless state of cruelty and despair, and God it turning the other way.

Such violent acts seem impossible to understand. Deep within our minds we might be asking ourselves:

  • With people committing such barbaric acts against good people what hope is there for us?
  • How could God have made us this way?
  • How could God let this happen?
  • If we were on the receiving end of that violence, we might be asking, “What did I do wrong? Why is God punishing me?”

sacred feminine, Holding, compassion, love, empathyWe long to understand what seems impossible to understand.

If you are a spiritual person, you might be wondering, “If love and compassion can save the world, how am I supposed to find love and understanding for that kind of violence?”

Please allow me to offer something from my visions that might offer some glimpse of understanding.

From a Sacred Feminine Viewpoint, the Soul Longs to Know It Is Love

Life was born in a womb of love and its first expression in self-awareness is the very essence of love. Sound, light, and everything we know as creation emerges from this limitless love we call by many names, including God.

Life, Source, creates itself in increasing density so that it can explore itself. The first sound and light eventually become manifested as earth, animals, plants and humans.

Most humans, when we incarnate here on earth, do not come in with complete memory of the history of our creation in place. We come in asleep, so that we can experience the profound uniqueness of earth without full awareness, and enjoy the wonders of exploration within the Mystery this state of consciousness creates.

Earth is a grand play-ground for self-discovery. In the best of possibilities, we would come to play in great delight in the sand-box of earth, within the full awareness of ourselves as being love and loved.

When We Forget We Were Born From Love

Why bad things happenHowever, here on earth, just as we forget our Divine origin, we also forget that our souls were born from love.

If we have not been able to feel enough love, we ache—terribly. We experience emotional and physical pain in our profound need to feel what it means as a human to be loved—to feel heard, understood, worthy, seen, believed, respected, etc.

In order to make sure we are felt in our pain, some of us in our most desperate moments inflict pain on another so that someone else will know how terrible our pain feels to us.

Others of us ache so badly, we crawl inward into deep depression and isolate from the world. We languish in the belief that we will never be loved and turn the violence against ourselves.

Those of us that are the loudest with our pain or the quietest with our pain are the ones that feel the most cut off from Divine love.

Of course, these violent acts make us powerfully angry and deeply sad. We feel the violence that is done to others as violence against us, and it is violence against us. It is violence against the whole of humanity, and humanity is a great creation of the Divine.

Violence is a way of striking out against love for not loving us…

…and yet, love is always there. It has been forgotten, not destroyed.

God or the Divine, or however you know the Source of All Life has not abandoned us. Rather, we are here with an opportunity to rediscover remember that we are Divine sparks of life, and we are allowed to choose how we will explore that awakening. We can choose whether we move toward or away from remembering the loving nature of the Divine within and around us.

Terrorism—A Cry for Love and Compassion

why bad things happen, love, compassionThose who do the greatest harm to others and themselves are people most in need of compassion because they are hurting the most.

Compassion, as we discover in teachings about the Sacred Feminine, does not imply that we do not enforce justice. It means that we do so with understanding. We open our hearts and Hold ourselves and others in the pain of separation, while setting clear boundaries and terms of agreement for what it means to live peacefully as humans.

I am not suggesting that Holding another that has committed crimes against humanity in compassion while ensuring justice is easy. I am suggesting it is worth it. If we truly want a future in which violence is laid to rest, we know deep in our hearts that compassion is the way.

The Practical Side of Creating Peace

You might be thinking, “That’s great Misa. I’m all about love and compassion, but what about the practical matter of protecting ourselves, and everyone on the planet from terrorism and genocide?”

I just found this great interview! The Urban Monk, Pedram Shojai talked to Scott Mann, former Green Beret who did 3 combat tours in Afghanistan. He’s a stability expert, and an architect and implementer of the U.S. Army’s Special Village Stability Operations in Afghanistan. He offers a practical, proven model for creating stability and peace.

What You Can Do in Your Own Home to Restore Love

It is your compassion that heals the world. That is why I have dedicated my life to teaching and sharing the way of Holding. Choosing to offer your compassion to another is a responsibility that deserves to be treated with respect. In the purest from of Sacred Feminine Holding, as it was taught to me by my ancestors, one does not attempt to change or fix another.

Rather, you become the safe space in which someone can finally feel that they are loved. You trust that in all-accepting, unconditional love, each person remembers that they are Divine love and from that awareness they see more clearly the loving choices to make.

holding, love, compassion, empathyHere is how you can Hold others safely. This is an expanded version of the free Holding guided meditation that you do for yourself.

1. First Hold yourself in compassion, and all of the emotions you feel about the act of violence that has occurred.

2. When you feel completely at peace, open your heart and energy to those that have suffered. Let them bathe in your peace and love, if they choose to enter your sacred space of Holding.

3. If you feel ready, and only if you believe you can do so without anger or attempting to fix another, hold the perpetrators, if they choose to enter  your sacred space of Holding.

4. If you find yourself attempting to fix or change anyone, return to Holding yourself and your feelings until you are at peace once again. Then, if you choose, you can open the space to others, again.

5. It is wise to end your meditation completely in peace, holding yourself once again. My ancestors taught me to Hold yourself first, so that your emotions can be honored, and as the difficult emotions dissolve, you become a state of peace in which others can find sanctuary.

You can read more about the practice of Holding in my book, Sacred Feminine Awakening. This is a beautiful practice for life. As Sacred Feminine Holding becomes a part of your life, you find yourself meeting adversity with compassion, and it has a beautifully calming affect on everyone, as we are all reborn in the womb of unconditional love.