Periodically, this popular topic seems to come up with clients, as it has been lately. So once again, let’s explore…

Have you ever become confused when you are trying to interpret spiritual guidance from everyday events? Perhaps you have encountered a situation where you were planning to participate in something, but one obstacle after another seemed to keep coming up?

When you are choosing to do something and it flows with grace, you might feel a sense of confirmation that you are on the right path, and that may be true. Then again, maybe you’ve chosen a path without any challenges to help you grow.

If you are affirming that life be fluid and easy, you might be stunned to discover that it actually becomes more challenging for a while before your goal becomes a reality. Perhaps you have decided you want to heal from a chronic condition once and for all, and suddenly the healing path looks like it is filled with gigantic pot-holes impeding your journey. However, if you choose to meet every challenge that comes up, you could soon discover that the path eventually does get easier and smoother.

Have you ever had a plane to catch and had one heck of time just getting out the door, but finally managed to get yourself to the airport in just the nick of time? Have you ever felt a spiritual calling to meditate, for example, and found yourself frustrated and distracted as you attempted to quiet your mind? Have you known you needed to get some therapeutic help, only to discover that the therapy was downright uncomfortable in the beginning?

Sometimes, when you set a goal into motion, the doubts, fears, and resistance that have kept you from manifesting similar desires rise to the surface to be finally put at ease, so that you can ultimately realize your intention. That means there may be some obstacles to overcome as you step firmly onto your right path.

Easy is not always right and right is not always easy. It is equally true that sometimes what is right is easy. No wonder it is so darned confusing to know when to say no and when to go forward regardless of the resistance and obstacles you may be encountering.

Here is the deal. Using ease as a measurement for what is right by-passes greater wisdom. The greater wisdom lies in your connection to your intuitive guidance from the Divine. When deep inside you know something is right for you to do, uncomfortable or as challenging as it might be, you feel compelled to move forward. The obstacles are opportunities to engage more of your Divine connection and power.

When the path is easy, then you don’t have any fears, doubts, or resistance to overcome. It is not more right because it is easy. It may be evidence of your mastery.

There are also times when something deep inside is telling you this goal you have set is not yours to do. Perhaps the obstacles you are encountering are physical representations of an intuitive knowledge about your right path, rather than a representation of inner resistance to what you know you need to do.

Rather than relying on ease of a situation to determine the rightness of your path, consider developing a deeper understanding of your intuition in recognizing and following your true path. Developing your relationship with your intuitive guidance will help you better discern when to say no and when to say go.

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