Image credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Caltech/S.Kulkarni et al.;
Optical: NASA/STScI/UIUC/Y.H.Chu & R.Williams et al.;
IR: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R.Gehrz et al.
This is the year of natural beauty. Let go of anything pretentious, because it is out of date. 2013 is all about bringing forward your wholesome, natural splendor. What is born from nature is fabulous in its purity.

1. The Sacred Feminine makes her grand debut this year. To be clear, Sacred Feminine does not just mean fluffy and delicate. Though there is nothing wrong with soft if that’s your style, the Sacred Feminine has some depth if you choose to explore it.

Think dark and rich—something your diamond light will look striking against. Think serene—the kind of relaxed state you experience when you are wrapped in silk. Think all encompassing—because the Sacred Feminine is the foundation for every expression of color and mood you can possibly imagine. To experience greater depth in Sacred Feminine awareness:

2. To truly enjoy the Sacred Feminine in its fullness, embrace your compassion. One simply does not exist without the other. Compassion for yourself and others helps you feel comfortable in your own skin and is the primary source of inner beauty.

3. The true you is the one we want to know. As your compassion expands, your ability to be the honest, wonderful and unfettered you will expand right along with it. Natural beauty means nothing is hidden, and every seeming flaw is seen as what makes you experienced, interesting and unique.

4. This year open up to balance between your active Sacred Masculine energy and your still Sacred Feminine energy. You’ll look and feel stunning this year, if you slow down long enough to discover the depth of your love and your ability to creatively respond to whatever comes your way. And you’ll touch the world with awe if you create from the depths of your natural beauty.