Forget about dooms-day prophecies that will leave you in rags. Spiritual development is a fashion statement that is on the rise and that bodes well for all of us. This is the year for alignment and expansion in the spiritual fashion world. The planets are aligning with the center of the Milky Way and by extension—the center of the known universe, on December 22, 2012. In preparation, align with your true self and your heart, and your expression in the universe will be more expansive than it has ever been before.

Fling open those closet doors and get ready to envision your spiritual wardrobe in a whole new light. Repurpose those fabulous pieces you already have and get ready to add some exciting new colors and textures. Then step out into the world with flair as you share the unique expression that you are. And while you are out there, enjoy everyone else’s unique expression. There is no need for jealousy. If you see a great idea, you might want to add it to your own closet for even more creative combinations, but most importantly enjoy the richness of everyone’s unique spirit.

Just as I suggested last year, greed will weigh you down. It is the deadliest of fashion sins, and pulls you out of alignment with truth and expansion. So be prosperous AND generous. Throw out any of those old bags that encourage you to hoard your energy. Energy is meant to flow. The truth is that the universe is in an expansive state, so expand into the knowledge that there is plenty for everyone. Any constraint in the state of plenty is currently created by humans as a result of fear and is a temporary experience. The best way to avoid greed is to toss out those bags. Replace them with ones that allow you to easily give and receive.

Think generously and receptively. Is there some wonderful garment or accessory that you could be passing along to someone else? Is there an item you could gratefully receive that would add the perfect touch to your own creative combinations? Or maybe something new is required to bring the perfect accent to an old favorite of yours. Is your wardrobe so far out of date that you just need to start over? Surrender to the call of your own fashion success by giving away to others the beautiful items you no longer need and receiving the wonderful new pieces you do need.

Align With Your Inner Truth. Do you have something in your closet you have completely forgotten about or given up on? There is likely some item hidden far away in your closet you once loved that really expresses who you truly are, but for some reason you found it too challenging to wear in the past. Well, this is the year to pull it out. Trying to make other people’s well-loved beliefs work for you when they just don’t fit isn’t going to work as well as dressing yourself with the concepts that convey your truth and deepest wisdom. With the economy struggling, you need to be innovative. Adorn yourself in the truth of your own fabulous creations.

Expand Your Possibilities. This is the year to go for it. Think bigger than you have ever thought before. See the possibilities of color, texture, and styles in your life. As I’ve said, the universe is expanding and so are you. So why not throw open your closet door to play in the possibilities. Take everything out of your closet and start mixing and matching them in new ways. You’ll discover a whole new wardrobe built on little-used garments you already own. Add a new belief here, a dose of understanding there, and revive one of those dreams that has been stuffed out of reach on the closet shelf—and do it all just for the fun of creating some new fashion statement that is uniquely yours.

Put Yourself in a Position to Receive. The planets are aligning with a black hole—absolute darkness—also known as the womb of creation. This is the center of receptivity. So be fully willing to receive. Since many will be looking for new, creative combinations, people are going to be letting go of items that no longer work for them that just might work for you. Now I’m not suggesting you accept clothing and accessories that are not in alignment with you. I’m talking about ideas and insights that add the perfect spark to your own creative endeavors. Whether you are considering new timely investments, steady income sources, healing modalities, a delightful relationship, or powerful spiritual insights, open up your closet and your arms. Put yourself in the best position to receive exactly what you need to flesh out your most exciting wardrobe.

These fashion choices were in-style last year and they are still vogue this year:

Say Yes or Say No. Be decisive about what new creations you are going to add to your wardrobe. You are probably going to get some urges about how cool it would be if you could create a such-and-so. Here’s the deal. Time is moving fast and windows of opportunity are getting smaller. So if the desire is real, create with zeal. If the desire isn’t profound or you just can’t seem to pull all the right garments and accessories to together, let the idea go entirely. Send the idea back to the universe so that someone else can see what they can do with it. There are limitless ideas available, so keep your creative juices flowing and see what clever innovation comes to you next. Invite your posse to join you in designing a new look that you and many others will enjoy.

The Sacred Feminine is Chic. We’re not just talking about fashion for women here. The Sacred Feminine is uni-sex. Listening, understanding, and being compassionate or tolerant of others’ needs and choices are qualities we all need to have available to us. If you find yourself needing a little more quiet time, add it to your daily ensemble, because something in your intuition is trying to get your attention. This could be just the breakthrough you need to expand your spiritual wardrobe. When your intuition speaks, follow it without reservation. Your boldness will be rewarded by a universe of support responding to your willingness to get out there with your own special statement.

The Style of Choice Is Kindness. A person glows in kindness. It radiates from the soul outward. Be sure to let go of any beliefs that you are more radiant than anyone else, and really look around you. Everyone is beautiful in some way, and when you are looking through eyes of kindness, you’ll see the beauty—your own and theirs—without any need to compete with anyone else’s radiant presence.

These are the spiritual fashion tips for 2012. Remember, don’t get caught up in dooms-day prophecies. You certainly want to let go of fashion treasures you no longer use or baggage that is weighing you down. Whenever you let go of anything you no longer need there is an opening for something better. Invite into your life an incredible year by aligning to your deepest truth and opening to your most expansive nature. This is the time to bring your own fabulous spiritual fashion statement into full view.