My friends, for anyone committed to spiritual growth, 2011 is likely to be a hot year for dramatic changes in the spiritual fashion scene, because this is the pre-cursor to 2012. No, I do not believe we will be wiped off the face of the planet 2012. I do believe that the Mayans were absolutely right about time speeding up, coming to a climax in 2012. So, if you thought you could barely keep up with the trends last year, wait until you see the runway for this year.

Spiritually, 2011 is about letting go of any heavy bags you have been carrying around, including judgments, greed, resentments, guilt and regrets; and if you are willing to open to the Divine grace within you, there is a good chance you will enjoy 2011 immensely. You can literally ride on the momentum of the trends that have been accelerating gradually for thousands of years. On the other hand, if you hang on to those old bags, you may be in for one of the most challenging years of your life. You can’t gracefully glide down the runway with one arm weighted down by a heavy purse or man-bag, refusing to surrender to your greater self.

If you are wondering why I included greed and none of the other 7 deadly fashion sins, it’s because, like the early Egyptians, I see greed at the root of spiritual fashion problems. Spiritual fashion sins are the places where we tend to miss the mark, because our focus is in the wrong place. We are thinking about ourselves and our desires, exclusive of anyone else, and as a result we are not allowing ourselves to experience the incredible fulfillment, limitless love, and peace of the Divine. In our attempt to become fulfilled by focusing on ourselves, we ultimately become unfulfilled. Fashion in the future is about clean, honest lines; creative approaches that include many points of view, and intuitive sensibilities in designing your wardrobe.

Here are some specific trends, if you want to be spiritually vogue in 2011.

1) Dress for fulfillment through creative involvement with others. This is not the year to strike out with your own look, constantly trying to be different from anyone else. This is the year to discover what you and people you play with want to express together. Create your wardrobe from shared interests, dreams, and talents, but don’t limit your spiritual fashion this year to the drawing board and wishful thinking. Enjoy creative engagement with other people and bring your fashion dreams to life. This is the year for fulfillment through creativity and inclusion.

2) Be decisive about what new creations you are going to add to your wardrobe. You are probably going to get some urges about how cool it would be if you could create a such and so. Here’s the deal. Time is moving fast and windows of opportunity are getting smaller. So if the desire is real, create with zeal. If the desire isn’t profound or you just can’t seem to pull all the right garments and accessories to together, let the idea go entirely. Send the idea back to the universe so that someone else can see what they can do with it. There are limitless ideas available, so keep your creative juices flowing and see what clever innovation comes to you next. Then remember, invite your posse and design a new look that you and many others will enjoy.

3) While you are adding some new, fun and useful clothes to your wardrobe, remember to think about others while you are shopping. Are there people you know about that need warm clothes and decent shoes? Remember that there are a lot of folks out there that can’t afford the basics, let alone the trendiest garments. For every new piece of clothing you buy, consider sharing a piece of clothing with someone in greater need. It’s good to clean out the closet once in a while, and recycling clothes you are no longer using is a great way to help someone else.

4) Intuition is in. We call it by many names, but making your fashion choices by listening to that little bird on your shoulder or that little voice inside you will be rewarding. Your intuition will lead you to the greatest satisfaction and best bargains with the least amount of effort. So, listen to your intuition and then kick up your heels on your way to ultimate fulfillment.

5) With so many views about clothing and accessorizing on the scene, it would be easy to assume your fashion sense is the best, and others just suck wind. This is really not the epitome of good spiritual fashion. Everyone has their own creative expression. That’s what makes the world so colorful. In spiritual fashion there is room for compassion. You don’t have to understand someone else’s choices to demonstrate a little courtesy for their preferences and compassion if they are struggling or feeling challenged.

6) The Sacred Feminine is chic. Listening, understanding, being compassionate and tolerant of others needs and choices is the style of choice this year. Follow your intuition to the best of what you can be and practice kindness along the way. A person glows in kindness. It radiates from the soul outward. Be sure to let go of any beliefs that you are more radiant than anyone else, and really look around you. Everyone is beautiful in some way, and when you are looking through the eyes of the Sacred Feminine, you’ll see the beauty—your own and theirs—without any need to compete with anyone else’s radiant presence.

Those are the spiritual fashion tips for 2011. I hope they help you enjoy a truly wonderful year, enjoying your splendor and that of everyone you meet.