It is time for my annual report on what’s in spiritual fashion for the coming year. Each new year, we have an opportunity to clear out our spiritual closets and dress for better success in fulfilling our purpose and living in harmony.

The numerology for this year is a “3,” which means it is a fabulous year for manifesting and creating. This is the year to get out into the world. Develop friendships and build your social connections.

You may find yourself challenged when it comes to organization, focus and taking responsibility. Don’t let the ups and downs of the current financial fluctuations depress you. Three is about creativity, so live and be creative in developing positive habits and responses to challenges.

It is also a fabulous number for inspiring the Sacred Feminine, so consider the various ways in which you could better get to know your spiritually feminine side!

With this numerological awareness, here are my four top suggestions for spiritual fashion in 2010 (and by the way, I get a lot of my ideas by watching what spiritual garments you are already trying on):

1) Assume people are doing their best. Turn off the critical mind. Since this is a year for creativity, criticism (and I don’t believe constructive criticism really exists) tends to be heavy and depressing. Who on earth looks good wearing someone else’s criticism? This year, toss criticism out of your wardrobe, and spark some creative expression. Assume people are doing their best and just watch how soft and gentle their features become when you approach them with compassion and understanding.

2) When something is not happening the way you want it to—you didn’t receive the product you ordered, or it was defective, or you are waiting in line because a business is short-staffed—revert to suggestion number one. Assume people are doing their best. Then step into your kindness, slip into some patience, and reach out. Ask politely for what you need without judgment. Most often, you are going to find out that a business was struggling, or a person had an emergency, or a computer crashed….you get the idea. So kindness, patience, and politely asking for what you want are three hot trend-setters for getting what you need this year.

3) When someone else grabs your idea and does it before you get a chance, I suggest you throw off any jealousy and celebrate them. Let’s face it. Creative ideas are floating around in the ethers. We recognize and run with them at our own rates, and some people will simply get there ahead of you. So what! This is the year of creativity. If it is still yours to do, use the same idea, adding some unique accessories or a fashionable twist to the idea. Or rummage through your closets and pull out some old, yet still trendy ideas that have been waiting for their time. Celebrate their success and then create something of your own worth celebrating!

4) The world is full of amazing and wonderful people that don’t know yet how incredible they really are. So pay some compliments this year. Everybody loves to hear how great they are looking and how special they are. When you have taken the time to wear a bit more love or kindness, don’t you like to hear that someone has noticed? Others love to hear it too, so don’t be shy. Notice the unique and beautiful qualities that adorn people and make them radiant. Then tell them just how beautiful they really are.