Alright you spiritual fashion watchers. We are going to take a look at the trends for this coming year, but first let’s consider the numerology behind the year itself.

Last year’s numerology was 1. Wondering how 2008 became a 1? To get to a year’s numerology you add up the digits. 2+0+0+8=10. 10 is basically a 1 with a 0 adding some punch to it. There might be more professional descriptions about the meaning of the 0, but that is how I think about it.

This year is a 2. And now you now how we get there. 2+0+0+9=11 and 1+1=2. For those of you who really enjoy numerology, you are going to notice we got to that 2 through an 11. According to some numerology teachers, 11 is a master number, which means that in this 2 year we may also find ourselves with opportunities to gain greater personal mastery from our lessons.

So what is a 2 year about. It is about relationships and partnerships. It is about developing meaningful and significant relationships. If you found yourself feeling a bit alone in the world last year, 2009 is the year to create deep relations. If you found yourself involved in lots of personal and individual pursuits last year, this year is the time to include someone else. Now let’s take a look at how a 2 year is going to effect our spiritual fashion statements.

I consulted a few spiritually psychic people I know to share their predictions. So here is what is going out and coming in for 2009:

1. “I don’t have time and energy for a meaningful relationship” is like wearing out-of-date clothes and pretending you feel on top of the world. If you want to be current and getting the most out of your life, you are going to have to make the time. Face those relationship fears and take the chance to discover somebody really special. Then together—laugh, play, cry, love and create a life to remember.

2. “If it is going to get done, I have to do it myself.” Ok. You might have gotten away with that last year, but with all of the talented people in this world…..This year consider enlisting some help. When you are putting together a wardrobe, it helps to have some fresh perspective, so ask for some assistance, insights, and opinions. You never know, help just might come from the partner you have been waiting for.

3. “They just don’t appreciate all I do for them.” This is definitely headed for the cutting room floor. You won’t see this in any of the trendy spiritual growth magazines. I recommend flipping the thought around. Try this one on for size and see if doesn’t become your new spiritual fashion favorite, “I appreciate you, and you, and you, and you for your unique talents and contributions in my life.” Get really specific. Tell people exactly what you just love about them and then watch people glow from the inside out.

4. “I’m working hard so that I can buy a …..” By all means, buy the things you want. Yet, have you noticed how it just never quite fills you up? Working hard to buy things is like giving yourself a quick fix. It’s like wearing bling when what you really want to be wearing are precious stones. First of all, it is more fun to work with joy, diligence, persistence, ease, and grace than it is to work hard. Secondly, it is far more satisfying to work for a better life for our children, greater health and happiness for everyone you know, more beauty in the world. This is the stuff that is fulfilling long-term because it is like being at a party where everyone is having a good time with you. The short-term gratification of things will come along for the ride, so let go of the bling and go for the jewels.

5. “I can’t afford to….” Listen, not of all of us have the money to purchase THE trendiest stuff, but when we say we can’t afford it we deny our own creativity. Try this one on, “I don’t choose to earn the money for, pay for, barter or do a work-trade for that. I prefer to invest my money, time and talent in….” Invest in what you believe in and in what you really want. If you want to attend the hottest spiritual workshop going, and you don’t have the cash, let your— How can I make this happen? creativity—run wild. There just may be an opportunity waiting for you to find a way to pull it off the rack.

6. “We are all one.” It is true—very true. It has just been over-done. We can be so busy trying to experience our oneness, that we forget to notice what incredible individuals we are. Our diversity is what makes us exciting. Where is the fun in a wardrobe that is all one color? If the Divine is experiencing life through us, then why not enjoy our diversity the way the Divine does? Why not create a huge palette of colorful friends to play with in 2009?

8. “I’m overwhelmed by life.” The psychics are telling me this feeling may come up a lot in the next few years as we progress toward 2012. Here is the deal. You are probably wearing too many clothes. Take some of them off. Have you noticed how we can manage to pile on one fear on top of another, and pretty soon we are sweltering and panicked? My suggestions: 1) Breathe before you do anything else; 2) Look at a how many fears you are wearing; 3) Peel them off one at a time until you feel light. 4) Get help if you need it. 5) Remove fears until you are standing naked in your calm, clear, compassionate, grounded center. When you get dressed again, choose carefully the qualities you most wish wear. Choose garments that won’t disrupt your clear, compassionate center. Regardless of what anyone else wears, or tries to pile on top of you, wear only what is absolutely perfect for you.

2009 could very well be one of those made-to-remember years. That is the nature of creating great partnerships. We can create really great memories from the wonderful experiences we share with others. So put on the clothes that have you feeling your best, grab your partner and create a year worth remembering.