What would I do if God-Goddess stopped by to visit me?

Well, I’m pretty sure I would drop everything I was doing that I thought was so important and focus on being ready. I’d make sure I looked my best, cleaned up my home and prepared the freshest organic food I had in the house. I would be so excited to meet this benevolent being that has given me life.

I would speak with love and respect, and without judgment. And I would be prepared to listen. What could one say to impress God/Goddess. No, I don’t think I’d spend much time trying to make an impression with my accomplishments. I think I would ask questions and listen with all my heart to understand the greater truths that seem to elude me.

Then I touch my own heart. The God-Goddess of life is right here inside my heart and mind and body. So, now I ask myself, “How shall I treat the God-Goddess within me?”

Am I making sure that she is well-taken care of? Do I make sure she eats the best food I can provide and lives in the best environment I can offer? Do speak to her with love and respect, and without judgment? Do I listen to the Divine wisdom that is inside of her?

Am I willing to give myself the same honor and respect that I would give to God-Goddess. After all, I am an expression of that Divine essence and love. Do I give myself what I need in order to experience my fulfillment and happiness.

The Divine lives in everyone and everything around me as well for it has all been created from the breath of God-Goddess.  “And so, “ I could ask myself, “How do I treat myself, everyone and everything that I encounter?”

Do I give the best that I have to give? Do I speak to others with love and respect, and without judgment? Do I listen with my ears and my heart to what they wish to tell me? Do I treat the beings of the earth with loving regard? Do I treat my possessions with care?

Am I willing to stop being so busy with everything I think is so important and instead, prepare a place within myself to receive the words and the love of God-Goddess in my life?

Isn’t it interesting how quickly life comes into perspective when we consider that God-Goddess is within and we are providing the Divine with an experience of life through each of us?

So please, allow me to ask you, “What would you do if God-Goddess stopped by to visit you?”

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