At least in the United States, it has been my observation that we tend to wait for crisis before we fully open our hearts in the stillness and love of the Sacred Feminine, and then embody the Sacred Masculine by making the necessary changes that create peaceful existence for ourselves.

Too many times in my own life, I have waited until I could bear no more pain before I took the difficult steps required to lay down my self-inflicted burden. Finally, after being shown a different way to approach growth, I realized that ceremony was a way to truly meet oneself as an individual and as a member of community and lay down my fears and suffering before they consumed my life.

During this period of great planetary awakening, we can choose to continue waiting for painful catalysts to launch us in our journey of self-awareness or we can choose to enter sacred space and willingly surrender our fears. At SpiritQuest, we stop waiting and consciously open to the truth of our divinity.

We do this by taking our deepest wounds, fears and perceived enemies to the sacred fire that burns 24 hours per day throughout the entire week. Some have been preparing for this past year to quest alone on the Mother in order to awaken their Divine awareness and shed the limits that keep them bound in human reaction.

Those of us that choose to attend in support of our questers ride on the currents of the ceremonies and the questers’ commitments to awakening, so that we might also shed our limited perceptions—opening to our limitless capacity to love—even those people or institutions that challenge our inherent goodness and values.

Whether your challenges are parents that abused you as a child, GMO crops, global warming, IRS abuse, extinction of wildlife, physical illness or disabilities, loss of our forests, wars for political or monetary gain, empathic sensitivity, violation of civil or human rights, genocide, discrimination, critical or abusive family members, polluted water, excessive use of oil, planetary depopulation agendas, government policies that effect your food, health, and freedoms, or cataclysmic earth changes—here at quest we take our challenges to the Sacred Fire to release our burdens.

Our challenges and perceived enemies are resistances to harmony, and at their core are reflections of our individual and collective fears. So during quest, we individually and collectively surrender our fears to the greater wisdom of the Divine. In the surrender, we discover the truth of who we really are—again individually and collectively—and in that truth we are free from the weight of our burdens.

For some years, I believed that surrendering and opening individually was enough, but through the grace of ceremonies themselves, I have discovered that there is another level of awareness that opens to us when we surrender and open with others. Because our collective consciousness creates much of the reality we now experience on earth, our collective consciousness is required to mitigate the damage our fears have created, and ultimately co-create a vision of compassion, truth and peace.

Of course, as many of us already know, our individual work is important, as witnessed at quest by our questers’ choice to sit quietly on the Mother alone, being present to the Divine within and around them. The sacred fire becomes the heartbeat of our community, as each person creates time for quiet contemplation at the fire.

Many of us in our own daily lives have been called to individual awakening through private meditation, various forms of healing therapies, and personal ritual. We instinctively know the importance of the personal journey.

Yet, don’t we also sense that in order for full conscious evolution to occur on this planet, we need to participate in collective awakening? Notice how we receive more e-mails calling us to gather together, focusing our loving and healing attention for explicit purposes on designated dates at specific times. This is the call of the collective.

At SpiritQuest, we acknowledge both forms of conscious awakening—individual and collective. There is a great spiritual doorway that opens when we gather in prayerfulness, honoring the journey of the individual and the community in surrendering to the Divine nature of ourselves, Mother Earth, and the many Mysteries of creation.

This is the doorway we open at quest. We bring our blessed unrest to the sacred fire, holding it in compassion until we are at peace. We live in community with the beautiful people called to be at quest and Mother Earth, changing the dysfunctional patterns we may have adopted. Simultaneously, we awaken to a deeper relationship with the Mother, shedding our fears of the woods, the night, and the animals as we find our natural rhythm with her divinity.

This is the doorway, we invite you to enter. Bring your loving heart and open mind, and give your unrest to the sacred fire. Then watch as you awaken to yourself, your community, Mother Earth, and the Great Mystery itself.