There are as many kinds of psychic readings as there are readers. What makes a good reading that is helpful to you will of course depend upon what information you are looking for and the style of delivery that works for you.

That said, after years of giving and having readings, I’ve discovered that it is easy to not recognize a powerful one.

Some years ago, I did a trade with a woman for a reading. She was strong enough in her gift that even medicine people came to her for readings. Now, I had believed for years that I was a difficult person to read, but each insight I received, however small or significant, seemed to offer me confirmation of my deepest knowing.

So, I looked forward to our time together and was curious about what she would uncover. But I also went with the thought that I would be difficult to read and I was going to enjoy the challenge I perceived I presented to her.

She grew very still and very quiet. Slowly she pulled forth bits of insight—none of it new. Then in closing she stated quite clearly that my journey was to go deeply into the sacred feminine. That was it.

I was deeply disappointed. I already knew that. My goodness, I had recovered from a syndrome that had me producing as much testosterone as a male in puberty, calling myself back to balance with my feminine.

Only now do I realize what I had done and why I was disappointed. Energetically, my posture was one of challenge. I wanted to see just how much of who I am and my destiny she could see. I expected her to see some great potential in my future, and my ego was unimpressed with the reading.

Years later I laugh at myself. She couldn’t have named my sacred work any better. She nailed it. The core of my purpose and work here on earth is all about the sacred feminine, and re-establishing the awareness of sacred feminine in our spiritual consciousness.

I was looking for a reading that would stroke my ego about some important achievement before me and she gave me a true reading that identified my sacred work. The space I hold is the work I came here to do. My path lay in my capacity—my ability to be the sacred feminine. (Talk about great!)

She could have done the reading in 1 minute, with her last statement and it would have been the most powerful reading I could have received.

Over the years the nuances of my purpose have shifted. I have discovered how my unique healing and teaching abilities are part of who I am, what I am here to do and how I live out my purpose. I have quested to receive even more clarity about my purpose and my missions. All of my gifts, however I choose to recognize and identify them, are connected in purpose and I know that now.

I understand that it is my job to stay connected to my inner guidance and follow it, whether I quest for that insight, go to a reader for confirmation, enter into self-healing space to clear my own resistances, or follow what is before me like bread crumbs along a path—it is my job.

When I am confused, I might see a reader. But I don’t go any more in hope that someone will stroke my ego or that I will be wowed by their ability to see hidden places within me. I leave the challenge and my ego at home. I go for confirmation.

I listen to what the reader sees in me. Deep inside me, I know my path. When a spirit-filled reader points out either what is obvious to me or what I have been trying to ignore, I know they are speaking on behalf of my true Divine direction in this moment. If there is neither confirmation nor resistance, then I simply hold their insights for a while to see if the truth of those insights emerge at a later date.

When the reading is over it is time to act. Some of us keep looking for knowledge as if somehow knowledge is going to make us feel better—as though some insight will give us a reason for our non-action. Yet, as we act in alignment with our purpose, more is revealed. Action is necessary for deeper levels of revelation. The true measure of a good reading; therefore, may have as much to do with what we act upon as it has to do with what we have heard.

Lead Me to My Purpose