SpiritQuest has come to a close for this year, and has left us contemplating a significant question as we return to our daily lives—What is important?

It is so easy to go through the habits and rituals of our everyday lives without pausing to think about what is most meaningful and significant in our existence. Quest, whether you joined us physically or spiritually, causes us to pause and consider what matters most to us.

Most of us know as we are flying or driving back home that we will return to quest again because we discovered some part of ourselves that had been asleep or forgotten.

We discovered the miracles of simply being alive and the great joy of living in community consciously. Childhood wounds healed as we found acceptance and worthiness in some significant way. Some of us had peak spiritual experiences that have allowed us to know the wonder of the Divine within us.

Before quest, many of us experience a compulsion to let go of things we no longer need. We might let go of physical belongings or attachments to beliefs, or we might surrender long-held feelings of pain of anger.

In the silent space that we became as we entered quest, we created an opportunity to be re-created, as we recognize the beauty of who we truly are. Now we must decide how we will express that beauty in the world.

Perhaps, you too, have been experiencing the process of letting go of beliefs, feelings or things that no longer serve you. Perhaps you experienced the stillness within you as you meditated with the sacred fire. And perhaps you feel a freshness within yourself as you recognize more of the wonder of life itself.

So now, what will you do?

Before you get caught up in the seeming demands of your usual life, consider asking yourself—What is important?

When you know the answer, begin shaping your life around what matters to you most. Whether it is difficult or easy, acting on what matters to you most is the perfect expression of Spirit within you. It is the expression of your Divine nature.

If you were to follow the advice of the ninth tenant of the Cherokee people, you would “do it now.” You would see what needs doing and do it. You would allow your world to revolve around what you know you are called to do, and you would not wait for a better day, because there is no better day.

The rest of your world will follow your lead. Your resistant spouse, your skeptical children, your doubtful parents, or critical friends, will quiet down when you know what is important and you do it, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says.

As you continue with strength on your path, it will cause those that question or doubt you the most, to begin wondering about what is important to them. That is one of the gifts your conviction can bring to others.

Conviction is not something any of us can put on when we need to look strong. It comes from deep within when us know we are doing what is important for us to do.

My prayer for you at the end of this questing time, if you wish to receive it, is that you will know what is important for you and when you will act on what you know, you will be supported financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually in your beautiful service to the world.