This is one of my most widely read, yearly pieces. I hope it helps you discover a sense of joy and focus for being a trend-setter this year!

1. 2014 is the year for inner strength.

You can’t fake inner strength by trying to look invincible.

Inner strength has less to do with your outer demeanor and more about how much you trust in what’s real, and that all boils down to Divine love. You just can’t strap on inner strength. You’ll be in perfect style if you are honest, sincere, and kind.

Yes, kindness comes from strength. Strength is not showy or flashy. Don’t let the movies you watch fool you. Throw that “tough stuff” out of your inner closet. You don’t need to brandish an iron will to be strong, and you certainly don’t need to be envisioning yourself in a pair of military fatigues.

To be kind in the midst of cruelty takes more strength than a razor-sharp response, a show of power, or a cold shoulder. Kindness with clear boundaries is the way to make your spiritual fashion statement this year.

Here’s a little tip for engaging inner strength without attracting a whole bunch of new challenges. If you pray for inner strength, you are probably going to be tested. So instead, you might consider intending to have the courage, energy and wisdom to meet the opportunities that come your way.

This approach is a lot more fun. You’ll feel and look more rested, vibrant and attractive when focused on the opportunities. And this is look that never goes out of fashion.

2. Remember to listen to your inner urges. They’ll be guiding you to listen more, be less inclined to tell people their business, and remain in compassion. See if you can question the problems you see without ever assigning blame.

3. Be present to situations without blaming. Blaming just makes you look and feel terrible. But if you can be present to the challenges and weaknesses you see, while remaining in compassion… you’ll be the shining ray of beautiful light amidst the chaos.

You will stand out in a crowd wearing your compassionate heart right there on your sleeve.

4. Create a comfortable travel statement for yourself. Travel could get interesting this year, so before you hop in the car or bus, or board a train or plane, get yourself ready to be comfortable, by setting your positive intentions for safe and enjoyable travel. The go with the flow. There is nothing more appealing or more beautiful than a cheerful disposition in the midst of chaos.

Let your inner strength radiate from your kindness and caring, and you’ll be setting the trend for a fabulous 2014!