by Reverend Misa
This thought occurred to me the other day during a quiet moment, and I’m wondering how many of you have experienced something similar.

I was reflecting on times in my life, when I offered a prayer in hope to find greater clarity in my path, or was seeking more fulfillment, only to discover that the answer to my prayer had been right in front of me all along. Have you ever experienced that?

I know I spent years asking for clarity about my purpose, only to find out later the clues were with me all along. The dream of the Foundation had been in my mind for years. It took a friend to help me realize I needed to take it from a thought into a reality.

gateway-53773_640I prayed for years to discover a path to sacred awakening and enlightenment that was more conducive to a woman’s energy and perceptions. The sacred gift that would open such a doorway had been with me for years, but I ignored it.

The thought caused me to wonder how often the answer/gift/solution/guidance is already there and I just haven’t noticed it! How would I look at my life differently if I opened my eyes, ears and senses to the hidden treasures already present in my life—the prayers already answered?

You know those movies, where the leading character is looking for the love of their life and he or she happens to be working in the same office—unnoticed. You as the movie watcher know they are meant for each other, but they haven’t figured it out yet. The main character is looking everywhere outside themselves for their beloved, when all along they only needed to be more vulnerable and honest within themselves in order to see they had already attracted their partner into their lives.

How about you? Have you ever wondered if you are looking right past the answers to your prayers? Have you ever discovered later that your prayer had already been answered?