For a long time, I thought taking control of my healing meant going to the doctor. Certainly, that can be a significant step in taking control; however, there is a deeper layer of responsibility in healing that your doctor can’t get to. Only you can get to it.

More than once someone has come to me looking for a miracle cure. They are tired of being sick and want to get on with fulfilling their life purpose, or at least more meaningful work. This is certainly understandable.

There have been many times, in my own journey, I just wished someone would take out a magic wand and cure me. I had so many goals I would be accomplishing if I just felt better. It is very difficult to even think about creating prosperity, engaging in a new career, or attracting the love of your life when you don’t feel well. I’m not at all surprised when someone comes looking to me for a fast answer.

Yet, whenever someone thinks someone else needs to fix them and they are not active participants in their own healing, I know we won’t get very far because creating lasting healing happens from the inside out.

The true healing happens between the person choosing to be healed and his or her own relationship with the Divine power that dwells within them. The healing journey is each person’s opportunity to discover the life-giving, creative force of the Divine living within their own consciousness and apply that creative force to their wellness.

Healing is a practice of dedication and self-love, because getting to the root cause–the source (which is often an emotional issue and belief) of the condition is necessary for full and complete recovery. New belief systems and patterns of behavior need to be deeply anchored in both your subconscious and conscious mind if healing transformation is going to last.

In many cases, healing is not just about making the physical body feel better. Most often, taking real control lies in the willingness to get to the belief that allowed or caused the illness to begin with.

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