This week, some of us have been at SpiritQuest in Reno, participating in an annual spiritual gathering where we honor traditional Native ceremonies for the earth, our spiritual community and ourselves. One of us just finished a quest, alone on the Mother Earth for several days, fasting and praying.

When a quester chooses to sit in the silence on the Mother, he or she is agreeing to get still and to listen to the wisdom of the earth, the ancient ones, and the Mystery itself. It is a time to become humble and quiet one’s busy thoughts. Quest is a decision to deepen one’s commitment to spiritual service for the good of the community.

Those of us that supported the quester—ate for him, prayed for him, and tended sacred fire that was kept burning 24 hours per day for him—know that his revelations strengthen him as a member of our greater spiritual family. We humble ourselves to be of service to him so that an even greater good can be served.

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In our busy, hectic lives it is so easy to forget how deeply connected we are to each other. It is easy to forget that the choices we make effect not only our own lives, but the lives of everyone connected to us. Yes, we are individuals that must make our individual choices, and we are also threads of a greater web. Questing helps us remember our chosen place in the web—the place we chose before we incarnated here on earth. It is also the place from which our individuality best expresses itself as a positive influence in the world. So we find harmony between our individuality and our service to our community.

For many of us, Quest in June marks the beginning of our spiritual year. During quest we receive our own insights regarding clarity and direction on our paths. We have healed familial wounds by becoming sacred family for the sake of our quester, and in doing so we leave with greater trust in our ability to function healthily with other spiritual family members in our greater community.

Some of you may have felt connected to the sacred fire. You may have felt a call this past week to go inward and to become more reflective about your life. You may have felt an urge to spend more time with the Mother with a humble heart, opening to her wisdom. You may have found yourself freeing your mind to the ancient breath of the Mystery blowing through you. You may have heard the drum beat of your own heart experiencing the joy of release and self-acceptance.

What are you questing for in your life? Is it greater clarity, a sense of purpose, belonging, or recognition of your spiritual gifts? What do you long for beyond your day-to-day concerns? If you allowed yourself to grow even more still inside than you usually allow, what answers might you receive?

From time to time, we all need to pause and reflect if we are truly dedicated to spiritual awakening. We immerse ourselves into the Mystery to be awakened by the Mystery. We awaken to a greater awareness of our experience within the web of life.

If the question, “What are you questing for in your life?” calls to your spirit, then an even deeper question within your spirit is longing to be answered. May I invite you to be with the question as it is doorway into the freedom of self awareness and an opening to greater intimacy in your spiritual community.

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