The Sacred Feminine Reaching Out Into the World

Visions can tell us stories about what is happening in our lives right now, that we might not be aware of consciously. They can also provide indicators about our past and our future.

Reverend Ariann had visions before and during SpiritQuest that I asked her to share with all of us, because they offer insights about what is happening spiritually for many of us as we prepare to enter through the cosmic doorway opening in December of 2012.

But first, I’d like to prepare you with some insights we received during Quest. After our questers safely returned to camp and we had completed our blessed task of holding safe space for revelations and healing, our week of ceremonies shifted to a more global focus.

Throughout the week, several of us had recounted to each other disturbing dreams where people’s rights, integrity and even lives had been violated. If you were joining us in Spirit, you too may have been joining us in this rather disturbing dream-time. This is very unusual, but we held our feelings about our dreams with love, trusting in our ability to hold all of what life can be.

We knew that something significant and new for Quest was happening when Ariann, our First Elder, shared with us her dreams and visions over the past 8 months:

This year my dreams and visions were about Elders of other Native American tribes holding shared ceremonies and inviting Rev Misa, other regular participants of Quest, and I to join them in their ceremonies. In the dreamtime these other tribes would show us a place they had set aside for us to hold SpiritQuest on their sacred ground. Clearly the ancestor spirits had been observing our efforts and intentions at SpiritQuest. They had found us worthy to become a part of their circle.

I knew from these visions that all the Native American tribes from North and South America were uniting their energies and ceremonies to aid in the coming earth transformation of 2012. We were now being called to add our ceremonies in the merging of this energy.

When I arrived at camp, I saw the ancestor spirits of North and South American indigenous tribes, along with ancestors from the Buddhist tradition, Hindi, African tribes and other ethnicities. This gathering of spirits from many spiritual traditions stayed with us throughout SpiritQuest. We were well supported, protected and guided during our week of ceremonies.

SpiritQuest has always attracted beautiful spirits to join with us and guide us in our ceremonies throughout the week. However, we knew we were specially blessed to be surrounded in the spirit-realms by so many ancient ones from so many spiritual traditions. We could sense that if they were there with us, we were going to be asked to attend to some spiritual need in the word or in the universe.

Finally, our work became apparent. During our last ceremony at Quest, we chose to be silent together at the sacred fire in a Holding Meditation. Each of us lovingly held, in the way of the Sacred Feminine, whatever Spirit presented to us. Some of us held places on the planet in distress. Some of us held wounds within humanity. All of us did our best to hold without intent or judgment. We simply held the aspect of life presented to us—in love.

I wonder if you found yourself being called to hold something in unconditional love, without judgment or intention to fix it. If you did, you may have been with us in Spirit, becoming the very nature of the Sacred Feminine itself, holding aspects of life in love, so that they could emerge once again born anew.

The art of holding is new to many of us, and learning how to lovingly hold without agenda takes some practice. To help you learn how to hold more deeply and purely, become familiar with the first step of the Creation Meditation:

This is the sacred nature of mother energy. Think of a child that runs to their mother’s arms for comfort because they fell down and scraped up their body. Sure, they want the hurt to heal so they will feel better, but first they want their mom’s compassion. When the emotional hurt is better, they are ready to tend to the physical wound.

Tending to the emotional woundedness of humanity is a gift of the Sacred Feminine. When she is present, compassion is present. At this time in our planet’s evolution, compassion is the necessary healing balm that frees our spirits to enjoy more beautiful experiences in life and greater consciousness.

As we ended our Holding Meditation, the final ceremony at SpiritQuest, Ariann shared her vision about SpiritQuest and the emergence of the Sacred Feminine. Her vision touched our hearts and affirmed our sacred work. I think you might find the same to be true for you. Here is what she shared with us:

In this vision I saw the impact SpiritQuest would have after Quest was complete. The Divine Feminine walked from the sacred fire in a lovely mist or fog with the moon lighting her way as she moved out into the world. As she walked through the world her feminine energy permeated everything she touched or passed. Her influence changed architecture, industry, equipment, machinery and our whole culture. The Divine Feminine was a subtle and strong inspiration that gently and pervasively crept into every corner and every heart like the mist. Those of us at Quest did not have to DO anything. We carried her essence within us and we could sense the Divine Feminine presence walking the Earth.

All of us at SpiritQuest this year know something special has occurred. The energy of SpiritQuest shifted from a personal and individual search to an event that had a global impact. We merged our energy with the intentions of the spirits of other spiritual traditions. We have moved onto the global stage where we are now participating in the transformation of Earth as it happens now, in 2012 and in the years following. We were all elevated by the magnificence we experienced at SpiritQuest 2011.

The Sacred Feminine moves through and around us. She is the gentle mist that rises when our emotions are in balance. She is compassion in and for all of life. Can you feel her sacred mist within you, reaching out into the world with compassion and love for all of life?