Vision Quest EagleAre you ready to release the struggle about what is or is not Divine guidance?


Are you ready to hear, see, sense, and know your Divine guidance at a deeper level?


Are you ready for a truer experience of how the Divine works within you?


Or as we say at Vision Quest, are you ready to know and use your medicine in new and exciting ways?


Your medicine is the positive effect you have in the world. It is the way in which you heal yourself and others, see potential where others see pain. It is the way in which you make the world a better place simply because you exist.


It is the way your power animals work through you. Perhaps you are someone that sees far into the future like an eagle sees the vast and far. Or maybe you are a tenacious healer—someone that just doesn’t give up—like the badger. Or maybe your kindness is as delicate as the footsteps of a deer.


Your medicine shows up when crystals heat up in your hand, wake you up at night with information, give you comfort when you are upset.


Your medicine lives in the herbs and flowers that provide deep and lasting healing for you, or the stone people you carry in your pocket just because you feel better when you do.


Your medicine is in the way you dream. Do the spirits visit you? Do you travel to see other people? Do you get answers to your problems? Do you receive insights for others? Do you dream for the community?



Your medicine is in your relationship with the elements. Does a fire brighten when you come near it? Does the water soothe you when you are tired? Do certain birds show up whenever you are out in nature? Do certain animals show up?


Do see energy lines, portals, auras; or do you hear the songs of nature when you are outside living under the sun and the moon?


What awakens in you when you are living closer to Mother Earth? What natural abilities become apparent when you live in community with like-hearted people?


We go to Vision Quest to awaken what lays dormant and still within. The greatest discovery of all lies in realizing how unique and wonderful we always were and always will be.


Come discover the wonders of Vision Quest with Reverend Misa and the team at New Dream Foundation.