Every now and then, I catch myself comparing what I have or have not accomplished in relationship to what someone else has done. I become aware of what makes other people special, while missing what makes me uniquely wonderful.

From a Sacred Feminine perspective,  these moments are the perfect opportunity for me to stop and hold myself in the feminine energy of loving acceptance—to simply see who I am, as I am, without judging myself as having done more or less than anyone else.

If you have ever shared these feelings, or with the coming new year, if you tend to get depressed by everything you think you have not done or become, I invite you to join me in noticing the wonder of you. I suggest choosing a time of day, perhaps either in the morning or evening, when you pause to unwrap yourself like a child receiving a gift, and notice what is unique, special and wonderful about you.

Perhaps you would like to do this in the child-like awe of receiving a box in the mail, knowing that there is a very special present, or in this case—presence—inside. Your delight and enthusiasm in getting to the “presence” will make this delightfully fun. Give yourself permission to enter into the joy of discovery, savoring and loving every moment of the unwrapping.

Begin by taking off the layers of doubt, frustration, unworthiness, concern, and anything that feels like binding. They serve a purpose in helping you experience even greater self-awareness and deeper love. You could tear them out roughly, but that would be painful and would miss the service the provide, so gratefully take them off as though you were removing postal paper, tape and a shipping box—appreciating their function and excited to discover what is inside.

Notice that beneath all of the outside packaging, there is a pretty layer of wrapping. This is the layer of your caring, kindness, talents, and unique expression. Notice that this layer has been lovingly created and is worth your admiration and appreciation. It is a present unto itself, so give yourself time to fully enjoy this aspect of you. And even this layer needs to be taken off, if you are going to get to the true present that you are.

Now, in heart-felt expectation, open up you. Notice what is there. Your very presence is absolute love—timeless, endless, limitless—love. Everything you ever wanted is right here in you. You are the fulfillment of lifetimes of searching and lifetimes of creating the perfect gift. Enjoy the gift of you with all of your senses–inner and outer ones. Be in the joy of your own presence. The Divine has expressed itself in the most beautiful way—through you. You are the most precious gift you could ever want.

In the ancient Sacred Feminine practice of acceptance, may you receive and delight in the greatest gift of your creation—you!