Isn’t it amazing how your doubt can seem bigger and more real than your desire?

I have been fascinated by my ability over the years to put more credibility in my fear than in my hopes and dreams. It has been so easy to see my shortcomings and far more challenging to recognize my abilities.

What I discovered I needed to rattle me out of my doubt was a big dose of truth.

Recently, I had a client who was sharing how immobilized she felt in her career by a man in the industry who seemed like a threat to her. She was concerned this man would sabotage her efforts. We carefully dissected the threat only to discover her fear wasn’t founded in the actual events of the here and now. Her fear was coming from this man’s daunting similarities to her oppressive father, who has been deceased for some time.

Once she was able to look at where her fear was really coming from, she was able to make some business decisions with confidence, freeing herself from her temporary paralysis.

It has been my experience that behind doubt lurks fear, and fear is often based in something that happened some time ago, or something that could possibly happen in the future but hasn’t happened yet.

When you pause long enough to look at what is really happening in the moment–the current truth of the situation–you are better able to discover the actual source of the fear. When you know the source, you know what to change.

In my client’s case, she decided to move forward with her best plans, affirming she would receive full and complete support in her endeavors. She decided to reduce her fear of sabotage in these ways:

1) Acknowledge the truth that while her father did have authority over her, this man does not.
2) Affirm with feeling each day that she only attracts people who support her work.
3) Whenever she feels her doubt or fear creeping in, she will stop what she is doing and affirm a supportive reality until she feels calm and secure.

The moment you stop listening to the doubt and uncover the truth, you are preparing your way to manifesting your desires.

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