I’ve been listening to many of us describe our energy lately as “inward.” As a result of this spiritual inward calling, some of us may be feeling a little off-balance since we live in a world that honors outward expression and staying busy. It can be challenging to respect the call to be still and to reflect. Yet, for many of us the call for greater balance is stirring.

A master drummer once called the silence, the space between the beats. That is the space that seems to be calling to me these days. The space seems to be demanding my attention. It is making life very interesting.

Yesterday, I stated that I don’t remember a time when I have felt called to hold so much spiritual, inward energy or space, while also needing to maintain active participation in the business world.

Just months ago, I was able to give in to that pull and seclude myself in meditation for several days. But with the internet launch of my new book on Tuesday, I don’t feel that I can separate myself from my outer-world work, which means I must find a way to be both inward and outward at the same time.

It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? It doesn’t even seem as though it would be possible for both energies to exist at the same time. Yet, what is true balance, but to be in the center of duality, where two seemingly different states of awareness converge?

I find myself, out of necessity, learning how to hold greater and more vast spiritual space within, while also expending and expanding my energy in the outer world judiciously. What this translates to in real life looks like this.

I’m a bit dizzy some of the time, bumping into walls part of the time and missing a few meetings. (It has been quite embarrassing.) I drive as little as possible and when I do, I make sure I’m fully grounded first. My memory for details is extremely short and I have little patience for even attempting to consider a decision unless there is enough information with which to make a choice.

In order to fully take care of myself, I require time in nature and need my daily walks and exercise routine. I eat lightly, but I make sure I eat enough to help keep myself grounded. I meditate daily, without fail, and I make more lists to help me stay on track with what needs to be done. When choices are in front of me, I look for the path of least resistance that allows for the greatest effect in order to use my energy well.

The really good news is that in this current field of energy, I have a greater sense about what is really important and what is not. I set my priorities very carefully, so that I accomplish without over-extending. As I respect my need for inner awareness, honoring the space between the beats throughout the day, my inner world is becoming quieter and more present to the moment. Hence, I have more confidence in the decisions I make.

If my conversations with others provide any indication, I’m not alone in this experience of feeling a little off-balance. I’m also not alone in this experience of wanting to attend to the call for stillness and quiet—space to simply be and to hold.

How about you? Have you been feeling a little off-balance lately? Have you been yearning for more quiet and space to simply be? How are you managing this call?

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