International Women’s Day—March 8

Can you see it? It’s already happening. We call it by many names: emotional intelligence, intuitive leadership, emotional IQ, creative expression, intuitive wisdom, and social intelligence. They are all great descriptors for what some of us call the Sacred Feminine. At the root of these expressions, you will find empathy, compassion and creativity—hallmarks of the Feminine. Indeed, the Sacred Feminine is emerging, and this sacred energetic force must come forward if we are to continue our evolution as a species.

Why is the Sacred Feminine so important? Intuition and creativity come from an intelligence of the heart that complements the intelligence of the mind. The rise of the Sacred Feminine is a reminder that the heart is as important in the decisions we make as the mind. Can we find heart-centered wisdom in the Sacred Masculine? Absolutely. Meditate with the light of creation and there you are in the center of the Sacred Masculine, filled with holy bliss and Divine energy overflowing from the core of your being. There is a great deal of heart in the Sacred Masculine.

That said, when the Sacred Masculine is interpreted in human context and application as a function of mind and logic, without heart, we lose sight of the true sacred essence of the masculine. Without heart, we excuse our abuses. Without heart, we excuse our greed. I’m not speaking about healthy prosperity here. I’m referring to the kind of greed that compels us to fulfill our own desires at the grave expense of others and without consideration for our planet.

The Sacred Feminine is emerging through us at this moment in history so that the intelligence of our hearts will be restored in our human consciousness. If we continue our existence allowing greed and abuse to rule our lives, we will eventually abuse ourselves right into extinction. Heart wisdom reminds us that we all come from the same Source and therefore are all of noble and sacred birth. Heart wisdom reminds us that compassion before action leads us to more well-considered and effective decisions, intended to benefit everyone in the short-term as well as long-term.

Consider this perspective from a report by Clare Hedin at

If we don’t pay attention to the feelings of the heart, then we are more likely to operate out of a paradigm of a purely ‘head-oriented wisdom’ which, by tradition, tends to be very analytical, and potentially dangerous; since it is based on reason and logic but not heart wisdom. This wisdom is entirely sequence-based, meaning it is based on results not consequences. This is a completely different kind of wisdom than that of the heart. Its intelligence is not informed from as many deep, collective levels as the heart’s. Thinking needs to be informed by the heart in a very deep way in order to be safe, effective and profound.

We women are the primary carriers of Sacred Feminine wisdom. A woman in emotional balance that is pregnant loves the child in her womb, without consideration about whether the child is good or bad. The child is the life of the Divine being born through a human body. A mother loves her child simply because the child exists. When a mother loves her child, she loves the very life-force of the Divine.

When a mother is emotionally clear, she loves her child regardless of the choices they make. A mother may not approve of a choice. She may even need to set boundaries regarding the child’s behavior. She may become exasperated, frustrated, and even worn out by a child’s choices, but she still loves. When a mother takes the time to listen to her child with empathy, the child has an opportunity to realize the greater truth behind their fears and hopes. When a mother guides her child from the basis of her compassion, she encourages her child to discover what serves themselves and others with regard for the highest good of all concerned. A mother nurtures a child’s hopes, dreams and talents because these are the gifts of the Divine presence longing to emerge.

Women that have not given birth, as well as men, understand the power of the Sacred Feminine through their work and their creations when they open to empathy, listening, stillness within, compassion, intuition, creativity, and equal regard for all life. These are fundamental qualities of the Sacred Feminine that exist within each of us.

We as women are emerging in our sacred wisdom because the planet and humanity need us to do so. Many of us feel the calling within our bones. We long for a deeper understanding of what the Sacred Feminine feels like energetically within our bodies. We wonder how we can experience it more deeply through our visions and our dreams. And finally, we want to know how we can express this profound energy in a meaningful way in the world. It is a deeply challenging process, requiring tremendous commitment and consistent, sustained effort if we are to emerge fully as our sacred selves.

At New Dream, I see women around the globe making the commitment, staying true to their callings. I witness women, honoring the wisdom of their minds, but also discovering and honoring the wisdom of their hearts. Women are emerging and the wisdom we bring to the world is the perfect offering—the perfect gift—for the evolution of humanity.