In June of this year, several dedicated women were initiated as Elders of the Women’s Water Ceremonies. After many months of preparation they listened in the silence for three days to know the three goals they would fulfill before their death. They bravely watched for a vision of their death so they can live fully all the days they remain here on earth.

Such a rite of passage transforms your entire life. Here is what one of the elders had to say about her incredible spiritual journey into elderhood.

The Elderhood ceremony has transformed my life for the better. It made me deal with my issues, and become a more loving and compassionate person. The ceremony caused me to become far more aware of my position in and responsibilities to the community we all live in. I have stepped into my power through this ceremony. It is an incredible lesson in living in
community, in integrity, and in service. I recommend this to anyone who is in the “elder” years of their lives. -Sandra Watt, Ph.D