by Amari Gold

It is through each of us that wisdom is shared with all beings of Earth.  Each new awareness that we awaken to, awakens into the collective consciousness.  All that I already know has been brought forth from the collective consciousness, a continuum of life experiencing itself through a different portal of expression, me.

Living to become the best I can be serves not only myself but all of humanity.

carrot-1085063_640This symbiotic and synergistic relationship is true between myself and nature as well.  As I feed and nourish my body with the fruits of the earth, and give thanks, I am feeding and nourishing the earth. It is an honoring of the gifts that earth provides for me that strengthens the earth.  In the same way, when a child learns and grows, the teacher whose gift is shared by imparting knowledge to the child is also strengthened.

As I delight in the beauty of a brilliant yellow falling leaf, my delight ignites an awakening within nature.  When I bless the water, the water becomes blessed.  When I sing tribute to the sky, the sky has been honored.  As the sky is honored, it becomes more mighty and giving of its infinite strengths unto me.

As I come to understand this exchange of love and energy, I begin to recognize that all the ethers are filled with this knowing field.  It is rich with all that I may need to awaken to and bring forth within my personal and manifest reality.  I am accessing that which already knows and recognizes itself as the All and the Everything.  The All and the Everything includes me and all that I need.  What I give from myself unto the All and the Everything, awakens all that it has to give to me.