Recently, I read something in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Cash Flow Quadrant, that stood out for me as being a very significant part of creating the reality we want. He was talking about a seminar presenter who wrote three words up on the board, be, do, have. She suggested that many of us do things to attempt to prove to others that we have more than we actually do have. Or there are those of us who do more in order to try to get more.

It was her opinion that these strategies rarely work, because first we need to truly be what we are creating. Other authors such as Lynn Grabhorn who wrote Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting, suggests we need to feel the reality we are creating before it will become real.

I see a lot of common ground between feeling and being. I know there is substantial truth in both of these author’s premises when it comes to energy healing. In order to actually heal myself of anything, I know I have to feel and experience it first. I have to literally become the belief I am creating. Then, I make choices from my knowingness, rather than from hopeful attempts. There is a power in this that is unfaltering.

Recently, I spent some time with a friend who has made millions of dollars. I asked her about the significance of being the freedom, fun and joy you hope to experience when you make a lot of money. She affirmed that indeed feeling it is the key to creating the means that simply furthers those feelings.

I liked this reminder about be, do, have. I’m going to be practicing this a lot more in my own life. I appreciated my friends reminder to feel the freedom and joy of financial abundance. Having been an actress in a “former life” I know this can take some inner convincing, but I’m up to the challenge. How about you?