The world is different after a vision quest, where you have journeyed into the silence of your being and held what is there…

The world is clearer, brighter and more vibrant. Those are the gifts of Spirit Quest.

I felt your hearts at the Spirit Quest and delivered your prayers to the Sacred Fire. I hope you felt or feel now the gentle caress of the fire in your life as it burns away the limits and burdens you have carried…freeing you to experience your heart’s truest desires.

One of the medicines at Spirit Quest this year returned to us from two years ago—sweet butterfly.

Butterfly flew with my husband and I as we talked about Spirit Quest before we left to do ceremony. Butterfly made its way into the circle of the Sacred Fire multiple times. especially when we were singing and dancing. And butterfly appeared again, flying very close to us when my husband and I took our first walk together after returning home.

Two years ago, a butterfly entered our sacred circle during our opening ceremony and landed on every single person standing in the circle.It seems that perhaps butterfly loves us as much as we love butterfly.

Butterfly reminded us that there are some significant steps in spiritual growth. These steps beautifully parallel the journey of self-awareness through Feminine and Masculine (yin and yang) energies.

1) In our lives, we create cocoons (limits and boundaries about what it means to exist) so that we will become still and quiet. We enter the silence so that life can be witnessed as it is. (Sacred Feminine)

2) When we enter the silence it is a calling to liquify (surrender our old forms and beliefs) and become formless, so that a new self can be created. (Sacred Feminine)

3) When it is time, it takes great dedication and strength to break through our cocoons (limits we created to take us inward into the stillness). One cannot leave too soon or you will not have the strength to break free of old ways of being. Once must diligently wait for the right moment. (Sacred Masculine)

4) When we are breaking free our wings are not fully formed. The energy we exert brings fluid into our wings so that we can complete our process of recreation and will be strong enough to fly. (Sacred Masculine)

5)  Fly with joy, aware of the unique beauty that you are in the world. Drink from the sweet nectar of life and pollinate (share your most precious gifts) with those you are here to touch. (Divine Union)

Perhaps while we were at Spirit Quest, you too experienced some of the gifts of butterfly medicine. Thank you for joining with us in Spirit. Your presence was and is a gift to us all.

While, we have not held Spirit Quest for a few years, I still offer private quests to those who are feeling called to sit still on Mother Earth to receive their sacred songs or visions. One of the great gifts of a quest is that your inner world and outer world become more apparent, as you harmonize with nature. Everything becomes clearer, safer, unified, and brighter.