Winter Solstice 2012

According to Alberto Villodo, the Maya tell us that humanity comes into existence on December 21, 2012. Perhaps, he suggests, that means we are not yet fully human.

So what makes us fully human? Perhaps we could begin by exploring the aspects of ourselves as humans that we do not tend to recognize. Consider that we have not yet fully recognized the Sacred Feminine aspects within ourselves. What would those aspects be?

For years, my body led me into a journey of discovery about the feminine and masculine energies, as I struggled to live in balance. In my twenties, I went through a period of time where I was producing as much testosterone as a male in puberty. My female organs were literally shutting down. It was several years before I completely restored psychological and physiological faith in my feminine emotions and body.

My own body led me on a discovery about the physical, emotional and spiritual natures of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. Eventually, the exploration of these two Divine energies led me into mystical experiences of realization to help me understand the significance of these two profound states.

I received some profound insight into the Sacred Feminine when I was immersed for an entire day in the mystical reality of the Feminine, while on a pilgrimage in Egypt. This reality I experienced was vast space—complete stillness, dark and limitless, deeply compassionate, and pregnant with all possibilities of life.

Some time later, I was immersed in the Sacred Masculine. I became the white, hot, ecstatic and blissful expression of the Sacred Masculine. Every cell was on fire and in motion, and I felt as though I was bursting in endless love and bliss.

So what do these energies have to do with our physical lives, and our emergence as humanity in 2012? Consider this: most of us grow up being taught to value achievement as most important in our development as humans and as a species. We are often taught to suppress our emotions, use reason and logic over intuition, keep busy and active, and to follow our bliss and passion.

Can you honestly say you were also taught to value, with as much dedication and fervor such qualities as rest, quiet contemplation, trusting your intuition and the emotions that lead to intuitive wisdom, loving unconditionally, and listening to and witnessing others just as they are without judgment? Were you taught that stillness is as important as action?

For many of us, the answer is, “No, we were not taught to value stillness and the intuitive insights that emerge from the silence and space within us.” This isn’t because our parents did something wrong. They had simply been taught what they passed on to us.

The Sacred Masculine has simply been the focus of our exploration for approximately 2,500 years or more. The active, vibrant energy of the Sacred Masculine is wonderful, necessary energy in creation and human evolution. And so is the Sacred Feminine.

When we engage the Sacred Masculine without the benefit of the energies of the Sacred Feminine we move out of balance, and tend to accept such beliefs as: 1) God is male, 2) the end justifies the means, and 3) it is appropriate to take good care of myself even at the expense of others. We become self-absorbed and greedy, willing to damage anything we perceive to be outside of our own passionate expression of our unique selves.

We forget we came from the womb, where all are held in loving regard as Divine potential.

During the winter solstice of 2012, the sun appearing to just touch one part of the Dark Rift (Great Rift)or what we might sense as a connection the womb of our creation. Is it possible that our own physical and energetic wombs will stir with the knowledge that while we are ecstatic light expressing our own potential, we are also the quiet, still space that holds everything in love.

According to Nicaraguan Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo, of the International Council of 13 Grandmothers, the final glyph from the Mayan story of creation shows planetary stewardship being delivered into the hands of the feminine.

I do not suggest to you, that the coming age is one in which the Sacred Feminine will become more important than the Sacred Masculine. Rather, this coming age is one in which we will very likely feel the impulse to remember that we are the essence of the Sacred Feminine as well as the Sacred Masculine.

When these two energies are in balance, we exist in awareness of the fullness of our humanity and our Divinity. We remember to act, but also to be still. We remember to use our logic, but also to follow our intuition. We remember to speak and to listen. We remember to live our passion and our bliss, and to give our bodies and minds plenty of time to rest and contemplate. We further our own goals, but we also tend to our communities – human and planetary.

If it is true, that winter solstice of 2012 marks the birth of humanity, and on that day we will be aligning with the Galactic womb of creation, then perhaps this is a good time to consider how to prepare for our own rebirth.