Prescriptive Healing Meditations for When You Are Feeling, Stuck, Lost or Overwhelmed

Four incredible prescriptive, healing meditations have been revealed recently, to be used with the Creation Meditation when you are feeling particularly challenged.  If you haven’t used the Holding guided meditation yet, I highly recommend it.  This has proven to be one of the gentlest and most life-transforming meditations I have every done. You can get a free audio recording of it here at the website.

Whenever you feel the limits of your perceptions closing in on your life, the four prescriptions can be used as the focus of your Holding meditation.  These are remarkably simple prescriptions, yet they are at the core of our human motivation.  So when you meditate on them, you are touching fundamental hopes and fears that lie behind the choices you make.  If you want to make new, different or better choices in your life, these meditations will help you do so in a most profound way.

SQ-elder-circle-450x300During Vision Quest, we did these prescriptions as journeys.  One of the women later told us, she did not know where she had gone during the journey, but when her consciousness was once again fully present in this reality, she felt like she had been to heaven and back.  Another VisionQuest participant talked about core challenges in life being stripped away as a result of just one of these journeys.

Where did these prescriptions come from?
The spiritual Grandmothers who gave us the Women’s practices, Full Moon Healing Water Ceremony, Women’s Rites of Passage Ceremonies, The Holding, the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul, and the Creation Meditation visited me in meditation.  They shared that these prescriptions were done as healing journeys and incorporated as the focus of Holding whenever a woman (and now, a man) was needing greater freedom from a challenge or limiting perspective.

eggs-17987_640So what are the four prescriptions?

  • Surrender
  • Commitment
  • Desire
  • Acceptance

Simple eh?  Profound too, wouldn’t you agree?

Recommended Use

You will probably find it best to focus on just one of these prescriptions for a while.  Remember, they are fundamental to the human decision making and motivational process, so they are helping you unlock years, if not life times, of non-functional patterns and beliefs.  Consider using a single prescription, until you feel the “Aha!” that occurs when an issue is resolved in your subconscious.

ecuador-773941_640Some meditators are finding that with a life-time issue or focus, they need to meditate many times before the “Aha!” of release and relief occurs.  Issues closer to the surface, or nearly resolved already, may only take one or two meditations to get to the “Aha!”.

If you are feeling a need to meditate with one of these prescriptions, be patient and kind to yourself.  Expect to use this focus several times in your Holding practice. Do not expect immediate results, but rather commend yourself on being in the process of discovery as you bring this focus to your daily Holding.  It will unfold and unlock with loving persistence, until deep in your soul you feel the freedom from this challenge.

soul-623423_640How do you know with prescription to use?

Here’s how I know.  The one I have the most resistance to is the one I most need to do.

Isn’t it often the case that where we have the most resistance is the very place within us that most needs our love, compassion and attention?  And so it is with the prescriptions.

When you do it, remember to honor yourself for going to the difficult place within your soul.  This place you take yourself to—where you feel your resistance coming up—is the place where spiritual masters experience the great mysteries of the Divine.  If you are serious about spiritual growth, you will know you need to go there, and you will.  It is not a place for the faint of heart, but it is the place of true spiritual freedom!