A Holding Guided Meditation in the Sacred Feminine

Discover the freedom of sweet release in the Sacred Feminine. —Reverend Misa Hopkins

Breathe gently into space of you– the space between your thoughts — until all quiets down. Become aware of your heart and breathe into the space. Allow yourself to become aware of your energetic womb and your capacity to hold life in love.

Become aware of the sweetness of nature. Notice how her trees color their leaves and shed them so easily. Notice what rises within you to be loved and released. Give thanks for the emotions and experiences that have made you the compassionate, caring person that you are. With each breath, hold in love whatever arises and gently let them go like leaves fluttering to the ground.

When you feel full, breathe deeply, exhaling through your mouth, bringing yourself into the awareness of this moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently open your eyes. Live in the freedom of sweet release.

Join me in France, in discovering the Sacred Feminine power of releasing wounds of the past at the sacred site and ancient strong-hold of Montsegur.