By guest writer, Reverend Ariann Thomas, NDF President

Last in a 3-Part Series on Prosperity

I hope that as you read Andrea and Reverend Misa’s articles on the gift of giving you were as inspired as I was. As Andrea said, when we release that which is holding us back we receive a healing by allowing new energy to flow into our lives.

When it comes to money, most people hold onto money because of the fear of lack, particularly in today’s economy. When we give money, we open ourselves to the flow of the Universe to receive money or other forms of abundance.

The act of giving itself grants spiritual nourishment since we are opening our heart to the flow of Spirit in whatever form is best for us at the moment and in the future. Giving is an act of trust in Spirit.

Where we give our resources tells Spirit what is important to us. If we give to what nurtures us spiritually, then Spirit understands we seek support in our life’s work. Spirit will flow into our lives to fill us with what we need financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If you attend the New Dream Foundation’s tele-ceremonies, tele-meditations, classes or are encouraged and inspired by Reverend Misa’s writing, then by giving to the foundation you are supporting your spiritual foundation in this lifetime. Giving a regular tithe to a teacher or spiritual center wherein you’ve received spiritual food is one of the most fundamental laws of abundance and a way that we can give thanks for the love, healing, and guidance Spirit has sent to us through this representative. Making such donations also allows our mind to learn the concept of expanding our prosperity by giving and trusting that “As we give, so shall we receive…and ten-fold.”

We only ask for direct contributions once a year. These donation pay for our operating costs which have previously have been paid for by the Trustees and Officers of the New Dream Foundation, such as the fees for the web site, hosting, internet, telephone lines, auto-responder, corporate filing, mail box, office supplies, domain names, bank fees and other ongoing expenses. Reverend Misa does not get paid for the ceremonies or meditations she facilitates regularly.

We are also grateful for our wonderful volunteers without whom we would not be able to offer the service we do. The New Dream Foundation would like to continue to offer these services and expand our offerings in the future with your contributions.

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