by Amari Gold

Nature speaks to us in many ways.  This morning I sat at the pool at the base of the waterfall and watched the sunlight dance upon the water.  I watched as the particles and minerals within the water seemed to come alive in the rays of the sun.  Then a series of images began playing in my mind.

In my mind’s eye, I saw people all over the world, individuals, carrying the light of love within their thoughts and hearts.  As each person held a loving thought for the water, the water came alive as it was at this moment dancing and percolating in the sun.

clouds-806639_640I began to see that each of us is a carrier of light, the light of love, and I observed the effect our light has upon all living things.  Then my thoughts recalled an image called forth while I was reading the book “Embraced by the Light”, a true account of one woman’s near-death experience.  In her book she spoke of her experiences in the light of heaven while her breath and heart had ceased to move.  Whenever a person on earth says a prayer, she wrote, the angels and guides assigned to us during our earthly journey look down to see a beam of light emanating from that person.

As the images continued to dance and play in my mind, I began to understand the power each thought has in influencing our reality.

I have been working this week on monitoring and correcting my thoughts.  I have come to realize that I can control what I think and how I feel by asserting my preference to think12002584_s positive and loving thoughts.  When I catch myself in a negative dialogue, I simply change my words to their positive counterparts.  I’m quite amazed to discover that it is easier to do than I ever thought it would be.  As a result of thinking more positively more often, I have been feeling quite positive about many things!

Once again, the simple things can sometimes be the most profound.  Next time you are sitting by a pool of water, I invite you to watch what happens as the sunlight shines upon it.  Then imagine each of us shining upon all the living things that we encounter in the course of our day.  It’s an interesting way to communicate with nature.