Celebrating the Strength of the Sacred Feminine on International Woman’s Day

When you get up in the morning, you probably are not thinking, “Today I’m playing my part in a long history of women and men creating greater respect for women and the unique perspectives women bring to our world. And yet, you are part of a powerful movement of Sacred Feminine energy that has been particularly profound these past 100 years.

International Women’s Day began in the early 1900’s, as women’s equality became a topic of both discussion and action form women and men. Discover more about the history of this powerful day at http://internantionalwomensday.com.

How Women Were Cut-Off from their Sacred Feminine
For hundreds of years, the voices of women were suppressed, as were our psychic abilities and natural healing gifts. Women learned to hide their abilities, or better yet ignore them. They were told that their voices were not as important as the voices of men.

In order to survive, women learned to become manipulative in order to have influence and power. Women learned to suppress their anger, only to see it emerge in passive aggressive ways. Women had to be dependent upon men in order to have places to live, to be fed, and to be able to provide for children.

As we know, many women were treated more like property than as individuals. And if a woman rebelled by going out on her own—often leading to selling her sexuality in order to survive—she was labelled and chastised as a whore.

We know the story. And unfortunately, it still goes on in this world. Globally, women are not yet entirely free nor treated equally.

How the Sacred Feminine Gives Us Natural Power that Serves
In this millenium, we rose up in many countries with a deafening roar. We demanded our equality and we witnessed some much needed changes. But a woman will only hold her fist in the air for so long before her arm becomes tired and people grow weary of her constant demands.

So how do we engender a state of constant growth into equality, while nurturing greater respect for feminine perspective alongside masculine perspective? Do women really have to yell to be heard? What can we discover for the true nature of Sacred Feminine energy itself?

If we are willing to experience the depths of our power, amazingly, it is found in the depths of our stillness. It is from our stillness that we learn to speak in such a way that mountains move. Why?

What is found in stillness is limitless, unconditional love—the kind of love that can hold every wound humanity has ever inflicted. In that love, the original pain behind our acts of inhumanity are recognized and the pain relents in the presence of unending, persistent love.

The human spirit gives way to a higher calling. We remember we always were love, and intended to act out of love. We remember that separation from Divine love is only an illusion. And we remember that what we create can be more than a reaction or a programmed response based in fear, it can be a conscious choice based in love.

The True Strength of the Sacred Feminine
It is this ability to hold the pain and joy of humanity, until we finally surrender to love that is the great strength of the Sacred Feminine. This strength live in all of us—women and men.

This morning, I invite you to consider your role in the evolution of humanity and the awakening of Sacred Feminine consciousness. Celebrate the strength of the Sacred Feminine nature within you that has the capacity to hold it all—all of our feelings, beliefs and choices in limitless healing, inspiring love.

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