Over the past few weeks, we have been periodically exploring the concept of career ministry in Our Spiritual Leadership Training Program. Now, let me be clear, we are not talking about converting people in the workplace. And we were not talking about being career ministers.

We were actually exploring something more akin to the Hindu practice of Karma Yoga where you recognize that every act is an act of sacred service. We discussed recognizing that everything we do to or for another also effects us. And everything we do can, if we choose to practice this concept, become an expression of Divine intention.

One of the women in the class is having a difficult time in her current job. She is finding it difficult to keep objective perspective or remain in her center, because she constantly feels pulled by the drama around her. By applying the concept of using her job as a place to put her own spiritual beliefs into practice, she is beginning to see how she can remain in a more compassionate and objectives space as the drama around her continues.

This may or may not be the best job for her. However, being able to shift her focus and engage her job as an opportunity rather than a curse, she is freeing herself from what felt like an oppressive situation, and engaging her spiritual practice through her work.