by Amari Gold

I watched the snow as it fell to the ground, each beautiful flake appearing like a gift of light from heaven blessing us on earth.  As I sang to the water and to the snow, I asked that the blessing be shared with all water and all snow.  And then I sang to the emotion within all people, represented by the water and the snow, envisioning a fluid movement through the fears that are surfacing at this time.  As I continued to watch the snow fall, nature spoke to me about our hidden emotions.

alm-549333_640I was told that the fears that many of us are experiencing these days are not new fears.  They are fears that have been buried deep within us for quite some time.  The events that are unfolding in our world are allowing these fears to surface now.  As we begin to recognize and encounter our fears, there is an opportunity to free ourselves and release these heavy energies to the earth where they can be put to good use.

The practice of returning heavy energies to earth mother is common to several sacred cultures.  Earth Mother knows how to use these energies in the creation and sustenance of life.

We are told that the planet is ascending into a new dimension of vibration.  The heavy energy of old and accumulated fears cannot be sustained in the higher vibration of love.

I was dreaming and journeying with the snow, sitting on the rocks by the waterfall while particles of love and light descended to earth with each falling snow flake.  I was told that we are surrounded by and immersed within a unified field of particles of light sun-1154487_640and love, and when we give our intention to certain aspects of light and love, those particles become ever more animated and resonant in such a way as to bring into manifest reality that which we are desiring and intending.

I am praying now with Nature for help releasing energies of fear from my body and my being and from all bodies and all beings in the world.  I am praying for a peaceful transformation of the density of fear within us, that we find a way to let it go, release it to our Mother planet.

I am calling upon the light and love that surrounds and immerses me within it to assist in this process of release and transformation, knowing that these energies belong to Earth Mother and support her in her process of ascension.

If fear is present in your life at this time, I invite you to pray with me for the peaceful transformation of the densities of fear within us and upon this planet.  Let our intentions be known within the unified field of absolute love and light that surrounds and upholds us in all that we do.