Many years ago, I asked the Divine why I came into this world with a gift in sound healing. Out of all the gifts I could have chosen—why this one?

I believe that all gifts are sacred ones, so understanding why I had such a propensity for sound really intrigued me.

Some days later, I was in a vision where I was in the dark stillness, that I now call the Sacred Feminine womb of potential from which all life emerges. There, emerging from the darkness, I saw the first sound of conscious awareness emerge.

From the first wave, there emerged several more until all at once, bright white light burst forth. From that light colored light emerged. Then I heard, “And on and on until you and all of life became.”

For those of you who might wonder why I talk about the Sacred Feminine when I talk about self-healing, this is why. I know that when we are confused, frightened, or aching, we find restoration and renewal in the stillness. It is the stillness that lovingly holds all of our potential—our pain and our joy! It is from that stillness we are born refreshed and reinvigorated.

For those of you that wonder why I talk about self-healing when I talk about the Sacred Feminine, I know that our world is out of balance. We tend to over-value the Sacred Masculine qualities of light, action and accomplishment, but have forgotten the soothing wisdom and love that live within the stillness from which we were born.

In order to really thrive, we need the balance of both these sacred energies—stillness and action.

For years now I have been teaching about this balance between the light and dark that is necessary for balanced human development in healing and awakening. Recently, when I was asked to teach Sound Healing again, I delighted in sharing 20 years of experience in being with the sounds of creation.

Ah…Sound—the first expression of Divine consciousness!

Just as it is true with light, it is also true with sound. When we experience sound, we also need the balance of silence in order for the expression of sound to be pure and in order to experience the true power of the sound.

When we allow ourselves to naturally and easily experience these Divine energies within us, we live in greater ease and joy.

Jeffrey and I have been creating a video for you that introduces you to some of the sacred power of sound. If you do the simple exercises I suggest, be sure to finish by spending some time in the stillness, letting the pain drift away and the joy wash over you.