sunset-74778_640by Reverend Misa

Today Mysterious One,

I honor the sacred warrior within all of us. I honor the one

who stands strong in his or her love of deeper self-honesty;
who stands strong in commitment to greater service;
who stands strong in action to support greater truth and awakening of Divine love on earth;
who stands strong in support of those who have the courage to commit to the well-being of others and our Mother Earth.

I honor the sacred warrior who has the courage to embrace the Sacred Feminine by holding compassionate space for the feelings and commitments of others.

I honor the sacred warrior who has the desire to become the Sacred Masculine by taking loving action to create a better world for all.

I honor the sacred warrior who allows the Divine to live within them fully and then creates space for others to do the same—so that together we may all discover the full potential of our spiritual freedom.