The concept of Sacred Mother was initially a difficult one for me to grasp. After years and years of introduction to God who was a Father, the idea of Sacred Mother as a part of the Divine was both scary and exciting. For you guys out there, just imagine only being introduced to the presence of Divine Mother, but never Divine Father. In human terms it would be like being told you only have a mother and there never was a father. You know something is missing and the part that is missing is the piece with which you can most identify.

For years, I only addressed the unknowable, indefinable expression of God as Mystery, Spirit or as I do now—The Divine—because when I sit quietly inviting the essence of the Source of Life into me, it seems to be beyond being identified by gender. That said, there is a comfort in identifying with the Divine as loving parent, and such an interpretation deserves to be honored.

I finally began getting comfortable with gender identification when I attended a church service where the minister addressed God as Mother/Father God. Something clicked for me. I could imagine myself being lovingly held in the arms of a mother and father and it felt really good. I remembered how it felt as a child to entrust myself to the care of a loving Father and recognized that I had not allowed myself to sink into the experience of God as a loving Mother.

“What could it hurt?” I asked myself. “Aren’t all these ways in which we identify with the Divine worthy relationships?” Sometime after this, I encountered a little known prayer offered by Jesus at the same time he introduced his listeners to the prayer we now name the “Our Father.” This additional prayer honored the Sacred Mother, much in the same way indigenous people around the world have continued to honor Sacred Mother. There is a link to this little known prayer at the end of this article. I encourage you, if you haven’t already read the “Our Mother,” to take a look at it.

There are days when I look at the condition of humanity living on this planet and shake my head. What I see missing is the loving nature of Sacred Mother. Then there are other days when I look around me a smile as I witness the energy of Sacred Mother coming alive through us. What is this nature?

Sacred Mother is the energy that listens with compassion, attends to intuitive insights, and honors the mysterious and yet unknown. The core nature of Sacred Mother is, as I have come to know it through my visions, loving acceptance and understanding. Sacred Mother is pregnant with the hopes and dreams of all the possibilities we could create. Sacred Father in contrast? Well, the energy of Sacred Father creates from the womb of all possibilities.

This nature of Sacred Mother lives within each of us, doesn’t it? We are the living legacy of the power of compassionate understanding, of hopes and dreams waiting to be born, and the acceptance of all our unique expressions. Just like the human mother who lovingly carries her child in her womb—carrying with that child all his or her hopes or dreams, an acceptance of the unique nature of the child within her, and compassion for the challenges this child will face.

On this Mother’s Day, please allow me to acknowledge the Sacred Mother inside of you—the one who is compassionate, accepting, and full of dreams and hope. Humanity, Mother Earth and the nature of the Divine itself is enriched by the presence of Sacred Mother within you. Namaste.

Prayer to Our Mother Earth by Jesus