The primordial womb of all life is where creation began. In this infinite blanket of darkness, there is no stress or worry, only limitless potential—endless serenity. Pregnant with life, everything is accepted as it is, has been and will be. From here we are born and reborn in a timeless song of our own becoming.

From the desire to become, a child grows in the darkness of her mother’s womb. She has no awareness of gravity, only that of being fluid, as she ebbs and flows within the safe dark cave of her mother’s belly. Her heart pulsing her entire being, she is the wave–the motion of becoming.

Little by little, her senses open as she listens to the soothing rhythm of her mother’s beating heart. There are no harsh sounds in the womb. Everything she hears is softened by the fluids that surrounds her except for the music of her own sweet song.

From “The Everyday Mystic”